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5 Ideas to Highlight Your Important Landscape Features in Cleveland, OH

5 Ideas to Highlight Your Important Landscape Features in Cleveland, OH


Whether you’ve gleaned ideas from across the web and architecture magazines, or you’ve employed an outdoor design specialist to put together an original design, the sole purpose of your landscape’s aesthetic is your enjoyment. That’s why highlighting standout features like barbecue grilling stations, and water features, can take your design to the next level and increase your enjoyment of your backyard. Here are five ways to subtly highlight your important landscape features in Cleveland, OH:


Loving the Outdoor Patio

Imagine an outdoor living space with luxury patio furniture, touches of opulence here or there, and maybe a fire pit or other focal point to tie it all together. This could be a drab excuse for a use of space, or you can up the ante with the right Unilock pavers. For the look and feel of granite, consider Umbriano. With colors including Midnight Sky, Harvest Brown, and French Grey, to name a few, it won’t be long before you fall in love with your outdoor patio.


Bring Water Features to Life

Water features like a pond, or cascading waterfall can not only be interesting, but zen-inspiring pieces in your backyard. There are so many options to decorate and add to the ambience. From plant-life to exotic fish like koi, or more common variations of goldfish, the fauna and flora of these features can add extra charm. You could also border your pond with rough stones to create a natural, authentic effect. What can really bring a backyard water feature into the forefront so it becomes the envy of all who see it, is a Lineo Dimensional Stone integrated water feature.


Much More Than Just a Barbecue

It’s a tradition to grill in the backyard, but hundreds of homeowners are taking that idea to the next level. Outdoor kitchens can be standalone, or incorporated into other features like the patio, for a space that becomes both usable and interesting. Rivercrest Wall verticals can bring this idea to life, and be built around everything from refrigerators and pizza ovens, to barbecue grill islands and outdoor sound systems. Take the idea a step further with a dining area and bar so it’s from stove, to table, without skipping a beat.

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Check out the Floor!

Even without getting fancy with your outdoor elements, you can start the ball rolling with floor design. Using borders, mosaics, and varying sizes, shapes, and materials for your finished product, can make your outdoor flooring a conversation piece. Beacon Hill Flagstone’s soft blended colors, and Il Campo’s striking, textured look, are just some of your choices when it comes to pavers. Mix and match to create unique designs, and rest easy as skilled contractors get to work.


A Pool Deck with Style

When it comes to pool decks, there’s a lot to consider. Slippery surfaces simply won’t do, inset borders to highlight the pool’s edge are a must, and non-abrasive poolside edges are definitely preferred. For this, consider Brussels Fullnose Coping. With all the safety measures sorted, all that’s left is design. This really depends on what you want to use your pool area for. Maybe you want it to be your main outdoor entertainment spot, or maybe it’s just for lounging and swimming. No matter the purpose, Richcliff, and Treo, are just a few pavers from Unilock that will get you the safe and designer-ready pool deck you want.

The title image features a Lineo Dimensional Stone wall water feature.


5 Ideas to Highlight Your Important Landscape Features in Cleveland, OH

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