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4 Unilock Walkway Pavers that Look Like Brick

4 Unilock Walkway Pavers that Look Like Brick Eatontown NJ


Brick walkways have been a classic in Western design for centuries. Renowned for their historic beauty, brick walkways are a complement to any style home. Unilock Technologies have allowed us to create brick-like pavers with unprecedented strength and style options to match any design. Here are 4 Unilock walkway pavers available in Eatontown, NJ, that look and feel just like brick:

Town Hall

Part of the Unilock Elegance line, Town Hall is a great option for walkways where traditional brick would be applied. One factor that makes Town Hall unique is its diverse color palette. While it’s available in traditional brick colors like Burgundy Red, it also comes in the captivating 3 Colour Blend and Heritage 2 Colour Blend. These blends provide a mix of shades that are ideal for varied, spontaneous feel. Town Hall is also available in Basalt, a deep, charcoal gray that is ideal for complementing a modern home with a white stucco exterior, or for creating deeply contrasting borders. Town Hall features a large brick format is on the small side, and can be laid in several different patterns. This combination of color options and laying patterns will allow you to create a unique look with the feel of brick. In addition, Town Hall features Ultima Concrete Technology, giving it up to four times the strength of poured concrete and making it superior in strength to clay brick.


Copthorne is cast from molds of hundreds of classic brick pavers, making it rich in timeworn detail and authenticity. Close in size to regular bricks, each paver has a unique weathered texture and hand-formed look to deliver the old-world charm of real brick. This paver is heavy-duty and won’t reflect damage or fade in color. Perfect for beautiful, running bond patterns, Copthorne offers the choice between a classic brick coloring, or the more unique option of the new Steel Blue. Choose from other Unilock pavers, such as Brussels Block, to create an accent border that will make your walkways the talk of the town!


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If you want a brick look for your walkway that’s simple but elegant, look no further than Mattoni. Unilock Enduracolor technology creates a beautiful, sun-washed look in 3 gorgeous color options: Cocoa Brown, Dark Charcoal, and Sable Blend. Slimmer and longer than your average brick, Mattoni adds a European-style beauty to any walkway project, whether it’s as the star of the show or as an accent paver. Laid in a double herringbone, it creates a textured beauty that plays up the style of any home. Its appearance is fade resistance and is only matched by its durability and strength.

Holland Premier

If you’re looking for something that resembles the shape of brick but with a modern, clean look, Holland Premier is a great choice. As part of Unilock Enduracolor product line, Holland Premier is known for its rich color that will never fade or falter. Although a bit thicker than traditional brick, it has a similar overall shape and can be laid in the same patterns as brick. Its face is smoother and less textured than traditional brick, and offers a more solid appearance and an even surface. Holland Premier is perfect for designs consisting of traditionally laying patterns with a contemporary twist. Available in colors including Granite and Charcoal, as well as Red and Rustin Red, it’s perfect for color schemes consisting of blues, blacks, and grays or red and earthy colors.


The title image features a Copthorne walkway with a Brussels Block border.


4 Unilock Walkway Pavers that Look Like Brick Eatontown NJ


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