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4 Things to Ask your Landscape Contractor Before your Overland Park, Olathe, Kansas City, Lawrence Paver Driveway Installation

You’ve planned the perfect paved driveway and are now presented with the daunting task of finding the most timely, reliable and cost-effective contractor to turn your vision into a reality. With the extensive experience and skill set required to pave a driveway, as well as the local regulations that need to be met, you might not want to take the DIY route. Here are a few guidelines for hiring the right landscape contractor for your Overland Park, Olathe, Kansas City or Lawrence driveway paver installation.

A thorough background check

Don’t be afraid to explore your candidate contractor’s credentials in order to ensure that they are both licensed and insured. It is also a good idea to request a portfolio of their past work, which might help you decide whether they will be able to bring your design to life. Scale often has a large influence on the nature of a paving project and you should therefore use their portfolio to ensure that they have had experience with similar-sized projects. Inquire about a potential contractor’s history, track record and how long they have been in business, as you might want to opt for a well-established company that can offer the manpower and experience your driveway deserves.

Their carbon footprint

It may be important to you to inquire about the materials and methods used by a potential contractor in order to gain insight on the impact your paving project will have on the environment. Different landscape contractors will opt for the use of different artificial chemicals and may prefer power tools over hand tools. These preferences determine the sustainability and eco-friendliness of their building practices, which not only affect your social conscience but are an important factor in the safety of your pets. Consider choosing a company that uses easily accessible and locally sourced pavers, as their carbon footprints benefit from the reasonable amount of transportation they require.

Getting guarantees

A crucial question to ask a potential landscape contractor is whether they offer a guarantee, as most contractors should guarantee their work to last for at least two years. Furthermore, some of the best candidates guarantee against certain elements of your project breaking or experiencing structural failures. Some landscape contractors offer to perform periodic checks to ensure that the project is properly maintained and retaining its structural integrity. You should also ask your landscape contractor for an in-depth exposition on how to maintain your newly paved driveway in a way that preserves the specific materials they used. Ensuring that a company possesses worker’s compensation and business liability insurance will guarantee that you are protected against damage caused by your landscape and injuries sustained on your property.

Iron out the specifics

Feel free to discuss a wide variety of issues and concerns with potential landscape contractors, as a thorough examination of each company’s advantages and drawbacks is the only way to identify the best possible choice. This includes considering whether a contractor’s proposed timeline is agreeable. However, experienced landscape contractors should examine your property before proposing timelines or offering any quotes. A contractor might hire specialty artisans to complete certain parts of your driveway renovation. Request detailed information on these subcontractors in order to ensure that they are adequately qualified.
To further help in your decision, choose a Unilock Authorised Contractor for the best results.

The title image features a driveway paved with Unilock’s Courtstone pavers.

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