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4 Products Paving Contractors Love in Cleveland, OH

There is a great range of pavers out there with an even greater variety of textures, shades, and structural qualities. Finding the cream of the crop can be a daunting task, especially when your client has a very specific vision for their hardscape. Fortunately, Unilock offers an array of versatile products that are not only stunning, but are guaranteed to outlast the ravages of time and weather. Here are a few options that clients adore and contractors have found to be incredibly reliable.

StoneMark pavers

StoneMark pavers from Unilock have surface textures and shades that emulate the timeless elegance of natural stone. However, beneath their intricate surfaces, they are imbued with all the strength and structural perfection of manufactured concrete pavers.
Rivenstone pavers have a distinct flagstone-like appearance that is versatile and suitable for a variety of patio and walkway styles. They are available in a dark, enchanting Bluestone shade and the warmer, golden variation of Canyon. Their finest quality, however, lies in their captivating surface textures. Crafted using Reala Surface Technology from Unilock, their textures have been cast from real natural stones, guaranteeing a random, natural look. The raised patterns upon their surfaces are highlighted by landscape lighting and reflect the light in beautiful and unexpected ways. Consider installing Rivenstone pavers beside a fire pit or retaining wall fitted with small low-lying lights to capitalize on this effect.
Yorkstone pavers have the raw, natural look of sandstone and plenty of character. Their brushed surfaces can serve to personalize a hardscape, while pairing them with modern materials such as metal and white fabrics creates a trendy hardscape with the intriguing touch of distressed stone. The Iron River color variation is a good candidate for poolside patios, as it pairs well with bright blue hues and has a tropical look. Unlike real natural stone, which attracts dust and can feel unpleasantly rough, StoneMark pavers are fine to the touch while remaining non-slip.

The title image features a pool patio paved with Rivenstone pavers in Canyon.


EnduraColor Plus pavers

The surface of these pavers bear an array of dimensional shades, all of which are resilient and fade-resistant. Through manufacturing technologies that utilize superior and high-performing materials, each paver is imbued with unique, fashionable finishes and authentic surface textures.
Copthorne pavers make excellent borders, banding, and driveways. Each paver has a realistic brick-like appearance that can enhance the rustic theme of a hardscape. They are available in a range of rich shades that pair well with the dark, vibrant greens found in lawns and gardens. In addition to having fade-resistant qualities, each paver is imbued with four times the strength of poured concrete and can confidently be incorporated into suburban driveways.
Umbriano pavers are afforded the beautiful, relaxed look of natural granite by a combination of color gradients and random, darker flecks of color. These pavers have clean edges and smooth surfaces that bring a luxurious element of the indoors out. Consider incorporating these sleek pavers into a contemporary hardscape design, as the colors in which they can be obtained are fairly neutral and contemporary. Furthermore, they are both non-slip and stain-resistant, making them excellent candidates for patios and pool decks.

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4 Products Paving Contractors Love in Cleveland, OH

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