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4 Must-Haves for Stylish Overland Park, Olathe, Kansas City, Lawrence Outdoor Kitchens

Investing in a fully equipped outdoor kitchen can make your job as a host so much simpler and more enjoyable. Snacks and drinks are only a few seconds away and the cook is not only included in the festivities, but can also enjoy the ease and convenience of a modern kitchen. Opt for some of the following outdoor kitchen essentials to revolutionize your outdoor entertainment and minimize trips between your Overland Park, Olathe, Kansas City or Lawrence home and patio.


Bringing the luxury of your indoor kitchen to the comfort of your patio includes the installation of a range of convenient appliances such as refrigerators, grills and warming trays. In addition to enabling sophisticated cooking, their chrome finishes contribute a luxurious touch to natural stone countertops. The partnership of natural stone such as Unilock’s sandstone with metallic elements also creates a pleasant combination of contrasting textures. Consider keeping your appliances under a protective canopy such as an awning or pergola to prevent damage caused by harsh weather conditions. Leave plenty of open space between your pergola and appliances to prevent fires and ensure proper ventilation. Wooden pergolas offer cold, functional kitchens an element of visual warmth while ceiling fans can add a creative touch that brings more of the indoors out.

An inviting design

Incorporating a bar top along the perimeter of your kitchen will create an inviting space that encourages guests to gather, watch the cook in action or provide extra working surface. Installing a beer tap and mini-fridge dedicated to drinks will also enhance the welcoming atmosphere of your kitchen and will allow it to be the center of attention. Ensure that your beer taps and refrigerators are located on the ends of countertops, however, to avoid guests interfering with the cooking or causing accidents in the kitchen. Designing a kitchen with plenty of counter space will also invite guests to lend a helping hand.


Outdoor lighting is an essential feature for any outdoor kitchen as it creates a safe environment for you and your guests while sustaining your entertainment long after the sun has set. Lighting can have an enormous impact on the atmosphere of an outdoor room and serves to transform your functional kitchen into an inviting destination. Soft lighting, paired with warm natural stone or Unilock’s Rivenstone pavers in the Canyon color variation can add a calming, intimate touch to any outdoor kitchen and bears the luxurious appearance of a warm indoor kitchen.

A personalized design

Co-ordinating or contrasting your flooring, storage units and countertops with one another can result in a cohesive design and presents an endless array of possible material combinations. Considering every element of your outdoor kitchen in terms of its material usage, color combinations and placement will ensure a unique kitchen that exhibits your personal flair. A contemporary kitchen can be decked out in cool stone such as Unilock’s Limestone or Artline pavers, which can create a striking contrast against the warmth of wooden bar stools. Adorning your outdoor kitchen with accent pillows, novelty items, bistro tables, fire features and television sets can all serve to create a comfortable domain for entertaining.

The title image features an outdoor kitchen paved with Unilock’s Rivenstone pavers and vertical elements constructed from Brussels Dimensional Stone.

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