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4 Best Pool Deck Coping Options In Clayton, New York

4 Best Pool Deck Coping Options In Clayton, New York


When it comes to pool coping, both elegance and safety are important features. Whether its for ensuring a non-slip edge around your pool, or providing a comfortable ledge on which your children or guests can sit and dangle their feet in the water, high-quality pool coping units are an essential feature of a functional and attractive pool deck design in Clayton, New York. Here are some excellent options to consider for your pool patio project:


Brussels Fullnose and Fullnose Edger

A stylish pool coping can give any pool a more elegant and eye-catching finish. Brussels Fullnose and Fullnose Edger are popular coping options for pool areas. Brussels Fullnose comes in a wide range of colors to ensure that it goes well with any number of existing landscape color palettes. Brussels Fullnose coping blends beautifully with more traditional designs, as well as contemporary ones. With its rounded, weathered edges, this coping is easy on the skin of hands and feet, as well as on clothing. So if you only want to dip just your toes in the water, you can be seated comfortably. Along with the comfort that it provides, comes safety. Brussels Fullnose and Fullnose Edger are non-slip, so you can worry less and enjoy your pool area more.


Sandstone Coping

If you prefer authentic natural stone, then Unilock Sandstone coping is a wonderful choice. Sandstone is great for adding pops of color and texture to a sleek modern design or completing a more rustic look with the beautiful veins of the Indian Coast color option. Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone is an elegant and luxurious element to add to any patio or pool deck. Unilock Natural Stone has been especially enhanced and treated to ensure low porosity and to make sure that your pool coping is able to withstand exposure to the pool water of both chlorine and saltwater pools.

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Limestone Coping

As an alternative to the deep textures and variation of Sandstone, consider Unilock Limestone. Limestone coping is another beautiful choice for modern or traditional pool designs. Limestone is available in a beautiful Black River color option that will complement any darker-toned design and add bold contrast to lightly-colored pool decks. Just like Sandstone, Limestone has been enhanced with surface treatments to help keep the color sharp and the stains out. These natural stones are also responsibly sourced from sites in Europe and Asia, and are backed by humanitarian standards. The subtle surface texture of Limestone is non-slip, which is crucial for pool design.



For a universal coping option that offers the best of all possible worlds, Ledgestone is the unit you are looking for. Ledgestone utilizes Unilock Reala Surface Technology to achieve a remarkably realistic appearance. Cast from hundreds of molds of actual stone, Ledgestone offers you the look of stone with the structural integrity of concrete with this advanced technology. As well as a pitched edge, Ledgestone is available in a fullnose option for a smooth and rounded finish. Ledgestone comes in either a light Buff color or a Grey color option in order to fit a wide range of design options.

The title image features Ledgestone coping, an Il Campo pool deck and Estate Wall verticals.



4 Best Pool Deck Coping Options In Clayton, New York


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