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3 Tips for Achieving a Low-Maintenance Landscape Design in Ballenger Creek, MD

3 Tips for Achieving a Low-Maintenance Landscape Design in Ballenger Creek, MD

A low-maintenance landscape can help you relax and enjoy your outdoor living spaces worry-free. Low-maintenance means durability and less money spent on the upkeep of your landscape. Here are some tips for making your Ballenger Creek, MD, landscape a hassle-free dream:

Keeping Clean

Areas around the home, such as patios, walkways, and driveways, dramatically impact the look of your landscape. Hardscapes made of materials like poured concrete stain easily and retain those marks for years. Its porous nature can allow tire marks, food spills, or other routine stains to damage the surface and make your home look ill-maintained. Unilock pavers made with EasyClean Stain Resistance Technology wipe off easily. These pavers undergo an integral sealing process during manufacturing that ensures that stains won’t stick. Senzo and Umbriano pavers are two examples of beautiful, large-format pavers made with this unique process. These pavers are suitable for outdoor kitchens, walkways, pool decks, and just about any hardscape around the home you can imagine. In addition to adding a modern aesthetic, EasyClean Stain Resistance makes it a breeze to keep your landscape clean. Simply hose off any surface stains and your paver hardscapes will look like new!


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Managing Water

Poorly designed landscapes can cause serious issues when heavy rainfall happens. Sloping issues and other problems can cause water to leak into your home’s basement, causing damage, inconvenience, and potentially dangerous mold or mildew. A landscape professional can assess these issues with your property, and suggest changes that could help. Permeable pavers allow increased penetration of water into the ground, eliminating excess runoff and potentially preventing flooding. Eco-Priora is a permeable paver with a stylish look that can be laid in a variety of patterns. Use this paver for properties with a large hardscape surface area to offset runoff. This can save you time and money, and give you peace of mind when it rains.


Winter Weather

Dropping temperatures can sometimes mean more work—shoveling, icing, and hoping your hardscapes don’t crack under environmental pressures and expansion. Technology comes to the rescue in the form of brilliant Unilock pavers that solve these problems. Icy walkways and driveways can pose a slip and fall hazard very quickly once the temperatures get near freezing. Dark-colored pavers can help retain solar heat, making your hardscapes safer. Pavers like Mattoni in Dark Charcoal are a deep gray that adds a bold look to your landscape. If you want to make sure you never have to touch a snow shovel again, you could consider heated driveways. The surface of your driveway can be heated by one of several methods of your choosing, melting snowflakes upon impact and giving you a clear driveway, hassle-free.

Unilock offers pavers, such as Town Hall, that are made with Ultima Technology, making them virtually indestructible. Town Hall is a brick-style paver that can be matched with the tumbled look of Brussels Block pavers for a classic appearance. This means the freezing and thawing won’t cause unsightly, dangerous cracks. Unlike other surface options, Unilock pavers hold up to tough elements to reduce maintenance and replacement costs.


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These are just some of the ways Unilock products can create a low-maintenance landscape for your Ballenger Creek, MD, home. Keeping your landscape clean, flood-free, and winter-safe solves a spectrum of common homeowner issues right off the bat. For more information on the benefits of these pavers for your low-maintenance landscape, check out our Product Catalog!


The title image features a Town Hall driveway with Brussels Block walkway and accents.


3 Tips for Achieving a Low-Maintenance Landscape Design in Ballenger Creek, MD

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