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3 Stunning Backyard Pool Ideas for Howell, Ann Arbor Homes

Whether as a draw point for potential buyers, a place for socializing and summer fun, or a means of staying fit and healthy, a backyard pool can be one of the soundest investments for your Howell or Ann Arbor, MI, home. Here are three classic design ideas for making your ideal backyard pool with the help of Unilock pavers and coping.

The classic rectangular pool

The sleek, age old design of the rectangular swimming still works remarkably well in any backyard. Sharp lines give a rectangular pool a modern aesthetic, ideal for those who prefer a more tidy, formal look or a minimalist appearance. The shape of the pool also makes it highly suited for swimming lengths.
To complement the modern look of a rectangular pool, consider using Unilock Artline pavers for your poolside surrounds. These plank-like pavers contribute greatly to a sleek, elongated appearance and visually striking pool deck. Artline’s combination of colors and custom finishes are ideal for adding variation while maintaining a tidy minimalist design.

Free form pool

In stark contrast to the sharp lines of the rectangular pool, the free form pool has no hard rules that dictate its design. This makes it ideal for smaller yards as it can let you use up real estate more efficiently. For larger yards, a free form pool can allow you to create larger ledges for tanning or even just sitting and relaxing. The more natural look of this type of pool can open up some interesting design possibilities for your backyard and works brilliantly with small islands of landscaping. Our Brussels Fullnose Coping is ideal for this design with its rounded exposed edge that complements the rounded shape of the pool and is also more comfortable for sitting at the poolside. To create a truly relaxing poolside design, consider utilizing the Brussels Block paver for the pool decking as well.

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Roman or Grecian pools

Amongst the more popular pool shapes for modern homes are the timeless classics of Roman and Grecian style pools. With Roman pools, the sharply angled corners found on rectangular pools are offset by an outward curve on one or both ends. In the case of Grecian designs, the right angles are cut away at 45 degree angles to create a softer effect. This retains the sleek modern look while combining an historic element. In keeping with the historic nature of these designs, consider incorporating similarly themed design elements such as Copthorne pavers for the pool decking or Pisa2 wallstones for vertical elements. Copthorne introduces the look of Roman brick pavers while their elongated design maintains a modern appeal.
For bold, ancient style vertical features such as steps, walls and permanent seating, Pisa2 is ideal for matching to these pool designs. Pisa2 is available in shades as diverse as Beechwood, Charcoal, Nevada, Granite, Rustic Red, Sandstone and St. Clair. Consider Pisa2 for creating a set back retaining wall system with stairs leading down to your Grecian or Roman style pool.

The title image features a pool deck paved with Granite Artline pavers.

3 Stunning Backyard Pool Ideas for Howell, Ann Arbor Homes MI


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