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3 Stunning Alternatives to a Wooden Pool Deck in Cape Vincent, Clayton, Alexandria Bay

We live in a world of abundant choice. Look around! House paint comes in thousands of colors – and even when you go to the store to buy laundry detergent, you have about 50 different choices. This holds true for landscaping, and when it comes to pool decks there are a lot of alternatives to a typical wooden pool deck.
Modern manufacturing methods allow for an enormous range of modern pool decking options – and some of these are more appropriate for homes in Cape Vincent, Clayton or Alexandria Bay, NY. So before you begin your project, take some time to familiarize yourself with the alternatives. A good place to start is online. The Unilock website is full of attractive products designed to meet your hardscaping needs.
Consider pool deck materials that are in keeping with your current home exterior style. This doesn’t mean you have to go with the exterior colors of your house, but whatever you do choose should either blend or contrast nicely with the rest of your home. So whether you are just thinking about options or are at the point of sketching out your ideas, it pays to know of a few of the different types of material you have available. Let’s take a look at some of these alternatives to wooden decking.

Natural Stone

Natural stone offers strength and is low maintenance, which is ideal in places like Cape Vincent, Clayton and Alexandria Bay, NY where cold winter weather can be harsh. As well as concrete paver options, Unilock also offers a range of premium natural stone options that are sourced from India, Asia and Europe. Design your outdoor pool deck with natural stone products that give you a distinctive style, texture and color options for your pool area. Sandstone, for example, is ideal for creating that beachy feel for your poolside setting. The styles, textures and colors available will allow you to design a luxurious pool deck that everyone will love.


Porcelain landscape tiles can also offer a luxurious finish for pool deck areas. This Unilock range offers an elegant European look for any pool area. This type of paver can give your outdoor pool area the look of a Roman bath or the garden area of a palazzo. It is a gorgeous option, but also one of exceptional quality and durability.

The title image features Golden Stone Caeser porcelain landscape tiles.


Concrete Pavers

Unilock is a leading manufacturer of concrete products, literally and figuratively paving the way for the industry. One such concrete paver option is Yorkstone, part of the Unilock StoneMark range. Consider this as another option for your pool deck area. Yorkstone offers a natural sandstone appearance coupled with the long-lasting properties of concrete. The different hues offer that soft earthy color and subtle, naturalistic irregularities, which is why so many homeowners choose a sandstone finish. Also part of the StoneMark range is the Rivenstone option. Imagine a poolside deck made of pavers that have the classic look and feel of bluestone or the welcoming warmth of flagstone. Both of these are possible with Rivenstone’s Bluestone and Canyon color options respectively.

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3 Stunning Alternatives to a Wooden Pool Deck in Cape Vincent, Clayton, Alexandria Bay Buffalo NY

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