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3 Landscape Ideas for Sloped Backyards in Bay City, MI

3 Landscape Ideas for Sloped Backyards in Bay City, MI


You may not be thrilled with your steep Bay City, MI, backyard, and may envy neighbours with perfectly flat lots and pools. But it’s important to realize that a lot can be accomplished with a sloped landscape. Not only do slopes tend to offer magnificent views, but they also contribute towards creating a backyard that stands out from the rest. Here are a few ways to make the most of your sloped backyard.


Tailored terraces

A slope can be neatened by having it sectioned into several level terraces. Terraces allow you to make full use of the sloped area, as each level platform can be transformed into a small patio, or an area for a hot tub or outdoor kitchen. Consider creating a comfy seating area at the very top of the slope, serving as an excellent spot from which to survey the rest of your beautiful backyard.
Low retaining walls are used to create terraces and can be customised to achieve various aesthetic themes. You could even personalize each terrace by designing it to express a different theme. For example, a terrace displaying a sleek water feature will contrast beautifully with one filled with small shrubs and other vegetation. Unilock wall units provide plenty of opportunity for incorporating multiple levels with different purposes. Brussels Dimensional System, for example, is a versatile unit that can be used to create curved or straight walls of a variety of functions.

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A colorful mural

Most plants are just as happy growing on slopes as in level beds. You can transform a simple grassy slope into a living artwork by covering it in colorful plants. Opting for a relaxed mix of hardy, low-maintenance plants, rather than neatly lined-up specimens, can achieve an effortless look and feel. In addition, opting for low-maintenance plants will leave you with more time to enjoy your garden. Cutting small stairways into the slope will give you easy access to the beds, should they require weeding or pruning.
A paved walkway that snakes up your sloped landscape will also enable you to enjoy the sights and smells of your plantings. For this purpose, consider a paver that offers a touch of Old World mystery, such as Copthorne pavers. This can be paired with a wall unit such as Estate Wall for the steps. Estate Wall comes with its own coping for matching treads and risers.


Streams and rock formations

There are various features that can be installed to appear completely natural – as if they have been formed over centuries. For example, a cluster of large irregular boulders can add plenty of interest to a slope. They also serve to anchor surrounding flower beds for added stability. Ensure that the boulders are well buried and that the soil is packed around their bases. Their bases can then be obscured by plantings for a more natural appearance. A small stream or waterfall can also be created along a slope, using the force of gravity to create a cascade of water and a lovely soundtrack. For something more modern, consider a multi-level wall water feature constructed from Lineo Dimensional Stone.

The title image features a Brussels Dimensional System raised patio and retaining wall with Brussels Fullnose steps.


3 Landscape Ideas for Sloped Backyards in Bay City, MI


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