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3 Landscape Design Ideas for Urban Suffolk County, NY, Homes

3 Landscape Design Ideas for Urban Suffolk County, NY, Homes


Modern landscaping trends have transcended geometry and sleek materials, including homes in Suffolk County, NY. While these are still integral elements in contemporary design, modern landscapes can also be achieved using rugged textures and aged materials in the right combinations. Peruse the following design ideas to get a feel for modern landscaping. Don’t hesitate to get a landscape designer on board to avoid getting overwhelmed by the many aspects of modern landscape design.


Getting Clever with Concrete

Modern landscape design might conjure images of concrete backyards in the minds of many. While concrete is a staple material in modern design and is renowned for its versatility and durability, it does not have to dominate a modern design to make an impact.

Consider utilizing concrete and grass to create a contemporary grid that can accompany a geometric lap pool or serve as a front entrance. Should it be an area of high foot traffic, like the front entrance, you could opt for a hardy grass variety with the ability to withstand the pressure. Feel free to deviate from a uniform grid and choose among a varying selection of squares and rectangles. Experiment to find formations that make your landscape look larger or smaller.

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Laying large format concrete pavers in this way, rather than using them to cover the entire poolscape or front entrance, results in a more interesting design. A pleasant color contrast is created between the cool grays of concrete and the vibrant greens found in grass. A grid like this also serves to blur the boundaries between your hardscape and softscape features, integrating them to achieve a more cohesive landscape design.


Experimenting with Texture

Xeriscaping is a rather low-maintenance alternative to planting a more traditional lawn or flower bed. Beds comprised of gravel and decorative stone also contribute a wide array of interesting textures to the landscape design. In partnership with a relatively neutral color palette and clever use of geometry, these rugged textures can complement the modern landscape even better than they would a rustic home.

Consider planting succulents in beds covered by decorative stone and create large areas of gravel within your landscape. A sharp juxtaposition can be created by placing a large gravel surface right beside a lush lawn. Natural stone can serve to unify drier elements like gravel and natural features like lawns. Precisely cut square stepping stones, for example, can lead an onlooker from an area comprised or gravel and rock into another area filled with lush plantings.


Planting with Principle

Certain principles of modern design can be incorporated into the selection and arrangement of plantings to give your softscape features a modern look and feel that complements the rest of the landscape.

Planting in terraces, for example, bears an organized quality that works well with modern design. Opting for uniform vertical plants like tall grasses can also serve to introduce contemporary shapes into the softscape. When selecting the edging to keep your plants and lawn in line, opt for metal as this sleek material always pairs well with modern landscape design. Rather than filling an area with a mass of plants, consider taking the minimalist approach by planting a single eye-catching tree in the center of the space.

The title image features a pool deck utilizing Umbriano pavers.


3 Landscape Design Ideas for Urban Suffolk County, NY, Homes

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