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3 Ideas for Updating Your Nassau County, NY, Outdoor Living Design This Spring

3 Ideas for Updating Your Nassau County, NY, Outdoor Living Design This Spring


There are various reasons to make the most of your backyard – not only will you optimise your at-home entertainment and save money on expensive trips, but you will also boost the resale value of your home and property. Whether your motivation lies in having fun or making a smart investment, here are three go-to ways to update your outdoor living area in Nassau County, NY:


Install an outdoor kitchen

If you don’t yet have a decked-out outdoor kitchen in the privacy of your backyard, then your property may be falling behind in value compared to similar houses in your neighborhood. Outdoor kitchens are steadily becoming a staple part of outdoor living, eliminating trips between the outdoor dining area and the home. Regardless of how limited your outdoor living space may be, you will most likely find a spot to wedge a high-quality grill, create a fair amount of counter-space and add small necessities like a garbage can, sink and mini-refrigerator. With the luxury of space comes opportunities for improvement and the addition of features like pizza ovens and warming drawers. Unilock offers a number of reliable products with which to build outdoor kitchens that stand the test of time. Lineo Dimensional Stone, for example, can be used to create sleek, flawless outdoor kitchens as refined as their indoor counterparts. Their neutral color options, detailed surfaces and clean edges contribute towards achieving a look of indoor luxury.


Create a water feature

Water features often form focal points because their presence is often unexpected and captivating. These features create a soothing soundtrack that can be as subtle or as roaring as needed. The white noise they create is often utilized to drown out unpleasant sounds created by nearby traffic or neighbours. Embrace the organic nature of water by using stone, or convincing concrete substitutes, to construct the feature. Rivercrest Wall, for example, is an excellent substitute for stacked flagstone and is available in a cool grey shade and a warm sandy alternative.

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Estate Wall is another concrete Unilock product that leaves onlookers none the wiser. These concrete units are artificially weathered to look exactly like aged natural rock. Their antiqued finish bears just the right amount of texture to complement the organic movement of nearby water.


Renovate the poolscape

A private swimming pool is a near-bottomless source of potential and can be used as a functional lap pool, a luxurious personal resort or anything in between. It all depends upon the design of the poolscape and the kind of entertainment that the design can facilitate. Consider adding a resort-like touch to your private poolscape in the spring. This can be achieved by adorning your pool with a water feature, like a waterfall, or a tanning shelf. An island, exclusively accessible by swimming or crossing a quaint bridge, is a mysterious and thoroughly enjoyable addition to any pool. Replacing old pavers that comprise your pool deck can also bring about great change in the aesthetic of your poolside. Consider creating a tropical paradise by opting for Premium Quality Natural Stone from Unilock, for example.

The title image features a pool-integrated Rivercrest Wall water feature.


3 Ideas for Updating Your Nassau County, NY, Outdoor Living Design This Spring

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