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3 Ideas for Creating a More Eco-Friendly Driveway in Medford Lakes, NJ

Becoming more environmentally friendly is a positive goal which is becoming more and more pressing and common. Finding ways to accomplish this aim requires creativity and a reliance on new construction technology and innovations. As you pursue an eco-friendlier driveway construction in Medford Lakes, NJ, turn to Unilock. Unilock offers the materials and authorized services needed to develop and install a durable and sustainable permeable driveway.

Use Less Base Materials

Leaving more ground in place is an obvious way to make your driveway construction less environmentally destructive. This is a surprising advantage of incorporating the Unilock Drivegrid in your driveway construction project. With Drivegrid technology, pavers require less base material because the matrix supplies 360 degree support, eliminating the need for a deep layer of base support. This means that a shallower bed is possible, resulting in less ground being removed and less damage being done to the underlying ecosystem. This also means a reduced carbon footprint with the transportation of aggregates and less money spent on labor and materials.

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Aim for Durability

When constructions last longer, repair and replacement are fewer and further apart, eliminating the need for further environmental disruption. Thanks to the combination of the Unilock Drivegrid and the highly durable permeable options offered by Unilock, your driveway construction will remain in place and in excellent condition for many years to come. The strength of the Drivegrid support will prevent settling and paver movement, and the various technologies applied to Unilock pavers will eliminate unsightly staining or fading of the aesthetic.

Choose a Permeable Paver

The second part of the eco-friendly pairing is the permeable paver to top the Drivegrid structure. Rather than directing water off of the driveway, walkway, or patio structure into overtaxed public stormwater systems, the water returns directly into the ground, as nature intended. Your options aren’t limited to bland pavers that don’t do anything to improve the aesthetic of your property either. Unilock offers multiple choices that meet a variety of style needs.


With an L-shaped design, Eco-Optiloc offers a rare combination: sure-fire fit and permeability. The finish options include Standard Finish by special order as well as custom finishes that include Washed, Brushed, or Enduracolor.


Eco-Priora provides permeability coupled with a quaint, classic brick paver appearance. Eco-Priora offers 10 inch square, half-size rectangle, and half-size square and multiple color options, including Coffee Creek, Granite Blend, Sierra, Autumn Sunset, Midnight Sky, Summer Wheat, and Winter Marvel.

The title image features a driveway paved with Eco-Priora permeable pavers from Unilock.



Eco-Promenade is a permeable option that’s up for heavy loads. This paver offers a more linear look with a standard sized elongated unit that comes in several different finishes including Il Campo, Series 3000, Umbriano, or Enduracolor.


With the look and feel of flagstone and strength suited to even commercial vehicles, this series will make your driveway environmentally friendly as well as impressive and warm. Color choices for Thornbury include Almond Grove, Bavarian, New York Blend, and Sierra.

Town Hall

Town Hall pavers provide the classic appearance of brick with more substantial proportions, and of course the option of permeability. Town Hall is available in the traditional brick color options of Burgundy Red, Burnt Clay, Old Oak, Basalt, Heritage Red, and Heritage Clay, as well as two multi-color blends.

3 Ideas for Creating a More Eco-Friendly Driveway in Medford Lakes, NJ


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