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3 Hardscaping Ideas for Providing Wind Protection and Privacy for your Columbus Fire Pit Area

Although aesthetic is important, the fire pit area of your landscape should be useful and comfortable above all else. This space will be central to gatherings in your yard, an area of socializing, warmth, and friendship. As such, privacy and protection from wind are essential for comfortable and easy experiences. Wind can also be hazardous when operating a fire pit. In addition, today’s society demands a consideration toward privacy while enjoying your outdoor space. While planting a green windbreaker of dense shrubbery to block against wind and prying eyes is a softscaping solution to the dual problem, hardscaping also offers a number of high quality and beautiful construction options that add protection and privacy to your Columbus, OH area fire pit space.

Wind Screen

One viable hardscape option to protect from wind is the construction of a wind screen. This feature effectively blocks wind. These installations can be made of plexi-glass to preserve the view and can be a variety of heights. The higher the screen, the more force the wind will have, so the construction will likely require concrete footings and other hardscape components to increase strength. Whether you choose wood, plexi-glass, curtaining, or other materials to shield your patio and fire pit area, make sure to provide a safe distance between the shield and the fire pit itself. Creating a hazard while trying to protect against one is never a good idea.

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Full height walls

Another option for wind protection is to incorporate a full height wall into your fire feature design. This wall will serve as a focal point for the landscape design, protect from gusts of wind, and provide a barrier between your gatherings and outsiders. You can choose from any vertical building units offered by Unilock to complete the structure and create a rustic, modern, or traditional aesthetic. The products available come in a range of color options, texture applications, and sized units. Setting your fire pit area into a nook carved out by retaining walls can also provide protection in this way.

Low Walls

Probably the most functional and glamorous solution to wind and privacy concerns around the fire pit area is the construction of a low wall. By designing your fire pit space to include a seating wall around the pit and then surrounding this area with an elevated backing as well, you’ll have a fully private, safe, and glamorous fire pit area that is conducive to intimate social gatherings.
While considering your aesthetic options, consider Brussels Dimensional Stone from Unilock for a traditional, high-quality effect, Lineo Dimensional Stone for a clean line, bevel-free, contemporary look, or Rivercrest Wall for a rustic and unique end result. Regardless of the products chosen, expect the best possible result from the finished product when you choose Unilock. With the guidance of an Unilock Authorized Contractor and the highest value construction materials, your fire pit space will be conducive to a private social engagement space with full protection from wind and potential spectators.

The title image features a fire pit and seat wall built from Rivercrest Wall with Series 3000 banding and Brussels Fullnose coping.

3 Hardscaping Ideas for Providing Wind Protection and Privacy for your Columbus Fire Pit Area


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