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3 Hardscape Ideas for Making the Most of Your Mendham, NJ, Outdoor Space

3 Hardscape Ideas for Making the Most of Your Mendham, NJ, Outdoor Space


It’s a shame to see areas of a property go unused or unappreciated when they offer so much potential to entertain and amaze. By beautifying every last square foot of your Mendham, NJ property, or by making it more functional, you will find yourself enticed to spend more and more time outdoors, putting your investment to good use. Here are a few ways to maximise your use of your property:

A Casual Side Yard Patio

The side yard tends to be the most neglected part of many properties. Homeowners often find this long strip of land too awkwardly shaped and out of the way to merit any renovation and utilization. However, this can serve as the perfect spot for a private patio. Why not create a casual bohemian getaway in which you can put your feet up and relax? A wooden pergola overhead, adorned with hanging glass and paper lanterns, is a good starting point and can be complemented by the presence of natural stone underfoot. Consider acquiring exquisite Sandstone slabs from Unilock that will imbue your side yard patio with effortless beauty. The freeze-thaw resistance and flexural strength of Natural Stone from Unilock will guarantee that your small private getaway stands the test of time. Pop a few comfortable couch swings and bean bags on your patio to foster a wonderfully casual and carefree atmosphere.

A Zen Garden

Where do you escape to after a long, hard day? By creating a relaxing getaway in the comfort of your own backyard, you are able to escape to the tranquility of the outdoors. Not only is this healthy for the body and mind, but it also ensures that your property can be used on days when you don’t feel like entertaining. Consider dipping a toe into Japanese-inspired design by opting for a wooden deck surrounded by plenty of lush greenery. Adorn the deck with comfortable floor cushions, plush armchairs or a daybed – whatever you find most relaxing. A retractable overhead covering will produce a revitalizing soundtrack on rainy days as the water hits its surface. Alternatively, a water feature can be built to produce a tranquil soundtrack all the time. Consider the weathered design of Estate Wall units from Unilock for your water feature to create the impression that it has been anchored to the landscape for centuries.

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An Atmospheric Outdoor Dining Area

We spend a great deal of our time preparing and eating food. Food brings families and friends together and has become a large focus of numerous cultures around the globe. By creating an irresistible outdoor dining area, you can double the amount of time you and your family spend outdoors. Nestle your dining table in the most scenic part of your landscape and opt for a narrow design, as it keeps things intimate. Consider creating a sunken area within your landscape, flanked by exquisite retaining walls, and assign your dining table to this private space. Rivercrest Wall by Unilock bears all the naturalistic beauty of stacked flagstone and the durability of interlocking concrete units. Pair these wall units with plenty of lush greenery and the rich appearance of Beacon Hill Flagstone to create a secluded, intimate and adventurous al fresco experience.

The title image features a Beacon Hill Flagstone outdoor dining area and kitchen, featuring Rivercrest Wall verticals.


3 Hardscape Ideas for Making the Most of Your Mendham, NJ, Outdoor Space

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