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3 Coping Options for Permanent Fire Pit Seating in your Toronto Backyard

When installing fire pit seating in your beautiful Toronto, ON backyard, selecting the right coping material is as important to achieve a charming look and long lasting durability as the vertical elements of the feature itself. Choose between either a sheer edge or rounded finish depending on which best suits your backyard setting, and be sure to pick a color that captures the aesthetic of your fire pit area. Take a look at these coping options to help you find the right match for the project you’re undertaking.

Brussels Fullnose Coping

This natural stone coping option has a variety of applications including steps, swimming pool siding, and pillars. With its fine, rounded edge, it is well suited to environments featuring organic, flowing lines and areas where providing comfort is a top priority. This makes Brussels Fullnose Coping an excellent finish for a matching fire pit and fire pit seating arrangement. Brussels Fullnose Coping is available in a number of color options, each specially designed to match an outdoor variety of color schemes. The dark grey undertones of Midnight Charcoal, for example, are the perfect match for creating contrast with lighter colored wall blocks or pavers. Desert Sand on the other hand, introduces the warm and comforting red brown of ochre. Softer tones of light grey and sandy brown are presented by the Limestone and Sandstone options respectively, while Mahogany Ash and Sierra offer dark, rich browns.

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Ledgestone Coping

Known for its rugged elegance, Ledgestone Coping is applicable to a wide range of environments and style settings. The natural appearance of this coping is further enhanced by its pitched edges, giving it the look of hand-carved stone. The edges of this stone are easy on the backs of legs when used in fire pit seating, with the smooth top surface further contributing to comfort as a seating option. Through superior surface technology, this coping stone bears ultra-realistic textures, perfectly replicating those found in nature. Ledgestone Coping lets you choose from several subtle color variations in order to the suit the aesthetic of virtually any project. Ledgestone Coping is available in two versatile colors, Buff and Grey, highlighting warm and cool undertones respectively.

Natural Stone Coping

For homeowners intent on the timeless influence of authentic natural stone in their hardscaping, Unilock offers coping in ethically sourced Sandstone and Limestone. Available in two varieties, the natural edge coping provides a landscape with the rugged texture and dimension of hand hewn natural stone, great for finishing off fire pits. The fullnose coping option, however, with its smooth finish and rounded edges, makes a better choice for topping off seat walls, ensuring an even texture that is pleasant against the skin and kind to guests’ clothes that might be prone to snagging. The color options for Sandstone are diverse and provide a range of intensities, from the bright amber glow of the Autumn Harvest color option to gentle reddish brown of Prairie Rose. For modern landscapes, the textured yet understated tones of Silver Birch Sandstone or Black River Limestone offer a sleek coping design option.

The title image features a low wall built from Brussels Dimensional Stone topped with Ledgestone Coping in Buff.

3 Coping Options for Permanent Fire Pit Seating in your Toronto ON Backyard

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