fbpx Choosing the Right Concrete Driveway Pavers in Cold Springs, NY

Are Concrete Pavers Good for a New Driveway in Cold Spring, NY?


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Are concrete pavers good for a new driveway in Cold Spring, NY? The short answer is yes. If your old driveway needs repair or replacing, you are probably considering the pros and cons of various materials. Aside from superior aesthetics (driveway pavers are available in a wide range of styles), concrete pavers are a great choice for long-lasting and practical driveways.





One of your main concerns could be whether pavers can be damaged by snow plows or even shovels. Yes, they can if accommodations are not made. However, you could install a driveway heating system at the same time as the new driveway is built and eliminate the need for plowing. Driveway heating systems mean no more icy, slippery, slushy surfaces—only the beauty of the pavers coming through on even the bleakest winter days!



Strength and Durability


Compared to poured concrete and asphalt, concrete pavers feature superior strength and durability. Asphalt or poured concrete driveways tend to crack since they are solid surfaces and therefore extremely heavy and vulnerable to shifting soils and vehicular traffic. Once a crack develops, this type of driveway’s days are numbered. Patches are ugly, and can lead a never-ending cycle until finally the driveway deteriorates and must be replaced.


By contrast, concrete pavers are individual units, less susceptible to shifting. Should one paver break (an unlikely occurrence), it can be individually replaced without disturbing the rest of the driveway—and the replacement will be seamless.


Richcliff is a flagstone-inspired Unilock paver that pairs well with modern and rustic homes. It features Ultima Concrete Technology for up to four times the strength of conventional poured concrete.



Permeability: An Eco-Friendly Option


Certain Unilock pavers can be installed on a permeable base, which prevents runoff like you tend to see from a solid surface (asphalt or concrete). Permeable pavers allow rain or snowmelt to percolate into the soil, which will keep your driveway drier after heavy rains or when the snow is melting. When this concrete paver option is combined with a driveway heating system, you would not have to worry about slippery surfaces.


Town Hall is a richly blended brick paver often considered ideal for elegant, formal, historical homes. This paver can be installed traditionally or on a permeable base.



Design Options


Whatever your design style, there’s a Unilock paver that can complement it. An elegant home deserves an elegant driveway. A chic modern home deserves a sophisticated driveway. A rustic home deserves a warm, earthy driveway. For that matter, any plain home can be given a facelift with a new driveway and walkway!

Achieve a charming old-world cobblestone look with Tribeca Cobble cobbles and a welcoming Mediterranean vibe with Brussels Block pavers, with the weathered appearance of tumbled quarry stone.


Add a fun look with Granito Hex pavers. The trending honeycomb shape and boldly mottled granite look adds a lively character.


Artline pavers give a modern driveway a dynamic look: The pavers are available in random bundles of seven different rectangular shapes, varying lengths and widths, and two finishes which you can mix and match as you like to create a completely unique look.

Check out the Unilock Dream page for more driveway paver inspiration.


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