Superior Manufacturing Technology

Thrumix and Facemix
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Our Unilock products deliver on style because our technologies allow us to make the most unique products on the market.

Standard Thrumix

Classic Pavers

This is how the first pavers were manufactured. The product mix of large and small aggregates is consistent, from top to bottom, with color mixed throughout. The Unilock® Classic pavers we manufacture exceed all ASTM standards for quality and strength. They’re available in traditional paver shapes and a variety of textures including smooth, dimpled or tumbled. Click Here to see the Classic products.


Facemix products are manufactured in a two step process which combines a base of coarser aggregates for a stronger foundation, with concentrated color and wear-resistant finer aggregates on top. Facemix products are commonly marketed as ‘fade-proof’ because the top layer of concentrated color prevents lighter color aggregates from ever showing through. Click Here to see the EnduraColor products.


Only Unilock offers EnduraColor™ Plus Architectural Finishes, a collection of products that deliver long-lasting beauty through a proprietary blend of exclusive and superior ingredients. A complex blend of granite and quartz, some of nature’s highest performing minerals, are combined to create ultra-realistic surface textures and unique style options that are exceptionally durable. Proprietary manufacturing technologies like Ultima™, EasyClean™, ColorFusion™ and Reala™ give these products added benefits in terms of beauty and function. Click Here to see the EnduraColor Plus products.



In addition to the characteristics of EnduraColor™ Plus Architectural Finishes these products also offer:

Durability that is second to none

EasyClean™ Stain Resistance
An integral surface protection that allows for easier cleanup of spills when they happen, and before a stain can develop.

ColorFusion™ Technology
Random surface color for a natural granite-like appearance.

Ultima™ Concrete Technology
For heavy traffic loads, this proprietary manufacturing process creates pavers and walls with up to 4 times the strength of poured concrete.

Reala™ Surface Technology
Ultra-realistic textures cast from actual natural stone, brick and cobblestones.