Concord Wall®

The built-in setback design of Concord Wall automatically forms the correct slope, ensuring a highly stable retaining wall. Utilizing the product’s tapered components, you can form curved walls and steps.


Almond Grove



Shapes & Sizes


30 cm x 20 cm x 15 cm

11.75" x 7.75" x 6"

1 1/2 Unit

30 cm x 25 cm x 15 cm

11.75" x 9.75" x 6"

1/2 Unit

30 cm x 10 cm x 15 cm

11.75" x 4" x 6"


30 cm x 20 cm x 15 cm

11.75" x 7.75" x 6"

Coping Step Tread

60 cm x 30 cm x 7.5 cm

23.5" x 11.75" x 3"

Wedge Cap Unit

33 cm x 24.8 cm x 8.6 cm

13" x 9.75" x 3.5"

XL Tapered Unit

40 cm x 30 cm x 15 cm

15.75" x 11.75" x 6"


Surface Texture


No records found.


Unit Thickness Sq. Ft. Bndl. Sq. Ft. Layer Layers Bndl. Ln Ft Sec. Soldier Ln Ft Bndl. Soldier Sq Ft Ln Ft Soldier Ln Ft Sec. Sailor Ln Ft Bndl. Sailor Sq Ft Ln Ft Sailor Units Sq. Ft. Lbs Bndl. Lbs Sec. Units Bndl.
1 1/2 Unit15-0.00-3-------234078036
1/2 Unit15-0.00-6-------2880480120
Coping Step Tread7.5-0.00-2-------23201,16016
Wedge Cap Unit8.6-0.00-8-------254431896
XL Tapered Unit15-0.00-4-------241960532
Maximum height without setback 36" (under optimum conditions). Maximum height with setback is 42" (under optimum conditions). Higher walls can be achieved using geogrid reinforcement. Tapered units will allow for a minimum 7ft. outside radius. Wedge cap radius = 7’, contains 8 Closed-end units per bundle. Closed-end not sold separately. All Concord Wall™ is layered and shipped on refundable skid. Step Tread is sectioned. Closed-end step tread is available. Unilock®, through Risi Stone Systems International, can provide preliminary site engineering for most commercial projects. Soils information, site drawings, and loading requirements are some of the information details required in order to provide this preliminary site engineering. Contact your local Unilock® Representative for details. Retaining wall engineering software is also available free of charge at

Important Information

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