Zullo & Associates Design Inc. Puts Unilock XL Pavers to Good Use in Kings Park, NY, Backyard Project

Zullo & Associates Design Inc. puts Unilock XL Pavers to Good Use in Kings Park, NY, Backyard Project


2018 has seen the successful launch of a number of new products from Unilock, as well as new color, size and style options of some old favorites. Pictured here is one such new introduction – the Beacon Hill Smooth XL Unit  – being put to good use by crew members from Zullo & Associates Design Inc. in this Kings Park, NY, backyard project.

Large format pavers like the Beacon Hill Smooth XL Unit have a number of benefits for contractors. For a start, they result in a robust, durable surface that is less susceptible to shifting than one consisting of smaller pavers. From a design perspective, large format pavers reduce the number of visible jointing lines, making the surface appear less grid-like and consequently larger and more expansive. In addition, large format pavers can potentially cover more ground in less time, resulting in faster, easier installation. In order to reap the benefits of this last point, however, paver lifting equipment is a must.

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Showing how widely compatible Unilock pavers are with paver lifting equipment, crew members from Zullo & Associates Design Inc. utilize a two-man paver lifter. This piece of machinery effectively halves the load of these heavyweight pavers.

For contractors interested in increasing their productivity with heavyweight units even further, Unilock provides a number of more efficient alternatives. Two-man paver lifters may reduce the stress on workers’ knees and backs, but they still require significant muscle-power and two crew members to operate. As an alternative, Unilock has introduced the UniLyft paver-laying assist machine.

The UniLyft allows a single person to lift and lay both single XL Units and multiple smaller sized pavers with practically no effort. Rather than distributing the load between two crew members, the UniLyft incorporates a sophisticated system that supports the weight of the pavers using air pressure and vacuum. With the weight reduced to virtually zero, a single crew member can operate the machine and guide the pavers into place.

The UniLyft by Unilock is available in a number of different models to suit the needs of the contractor. The Model L – Narrow Track is ideal for accessing tight or narrow areas, such as residential backyards and side yards. The Model PM – Wide Track eliminates the need for a forklift on site and is perfect for driveways and commercial applications. The Model P – Loader Mount attaches to a paver pallet, and the Model SM – Stone Magnet hangs from a loader or backhoe.


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Zullo & Associates Design Inc. Puts Unilock XL Pavers to Good Use in Kings Park, NY, Backyard Project