Why You Should Consider Permeable Pavers for Your Next Driveway Project in Ridgefield, CT

Why You Should Consider Permeable Pavers for Your Next Driveway Project in Ridgefield, CT


When it comes to driveways, choosing a material that won’t crack or split under the pressure of heavy loads is essential for ensuring its longevity. A permeable paver driveway is a great investment for your Ridgefield, CT, home because it keeps rainfall runoff away from storm sewer systems and redirects it back into the natural ecosystem. In addition, a permeable paver driveway accumulates less ice due to the fact that the water drains from the paver surface before it freezes, as well as being compatible with subsurface driveway heating systems.


Permeable Pavers are Durable

Permeable pavers are often installed in a commercial setting, as a replacement for poured concrete. This is due their durability and their ability to sustain heavy and frequent traffic loads, all while bypassing regulations regarding the limitations of non-permeable structures. With today’s paver design and development, permeable pavers are manufactured using various technologies that also make them a great option for residential driveways. Permeable pavers come in an abundance of textures and colors that give the homeowner the best of both worlds, enhancing the curb appeal of the home while taking the strain off the environment. Tribeca Cobble, for example, is a permeable option from Unilock that offers the beauty of imported granite cobblestones. Perfect for borders and accents, this paver can be used to create an eye-catching driveway with Old World character. The natural appearance of this paver stems from EnduraColor Facemix Technology, which creates a strong foundation and fade-resistant top layer. Tribeca Cobble comes in beautiful, neutral to grey shades, Peppered Granite and Crystaline Basalt.

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Permeable Pavers are Environmentally-Friendly

Many homeowners turn to eco-friendly building solutions for their driveway. Permeable driveway pavers encourage the natural water cycle, by allowing water to drain through the expanded joints, eliminating standing water. Permeable pavers offer the same quality as regular pavers, with the bonus of being environmentally-friendly because of the water rapidly draining through the surface into an open-graded base material. Water can then be accumulated in tanks be reused for irrigation or running water features. Permeable driveway pavers can also help to protect low-lying areas of your house, such as the basement, from flooding. Select Town Hall pavers and combine old-world elegance and practicality. If you are looking to create contrast with your driveway or highlight the architecture of your home, Town Hall and its bold color palette is the ideal choice. This paver is created from casts of original brick street pavers and offers a naturally distressed, time-worn appearance.


Variety of Design Options

The installation of permeable pavers is similar to that of traditional pavers, but with added spacing and a graded base that encourages the effortless flow of water. However, style need not be sacrificed in order to reap the benefits of a permeable driveway. Unilock offers the widest selection of permeable pavers in North America. For a contemporary touch, Eco-line and Eco-Priora are ideal. Eco-Line offers custom finish and color options to create a unique appearance. With its stylish look, Eco-Priora is a beautiful permeable solution for site drainage, managing water runoff or water harvesting projects. The paver comes in two different colors, warm brown Sierra and grey Granite, as well as a range of custom finish options. The Standard Finish offers a simple look, while the Series and Il Campo Finishes offer an attractive granite and brushed surface texture, respectively.

The title image features a Town Hall driveway.


Why You Should Consider Permeable Pavers for Your Next Driveway Project in Ridgefield, CT