When to Opt for Natural Stone in Norwalk, CT, Landscape Designs

When to Opt for Natural Stone in Norwalk, CT, Landscape Designs
The title image features Natural Stone from Unilock.


The beauty and character of natural stone tend to be the primary reasons homeowners choose to include it in their outdoor living spaces. Like any material, natural stone has its pros and cons, so here’s what to know about opting for natural stone in Norwalk, CT, landscape designs.


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Where Natural Stone Is a Great Choice

When using Unilock Natural Stone for patios and walkways, its main appeal is character. Each stone, even from the same quarry, has a unique appearance. The slight color and pattern variations of each stone work together to make a one-of-a-kind outdoor living space with big personality.


Natural stone also helps integrate your outdoor living spaces into the surrounding landscape, creating a pleasing transition from the central man-made structure (your home) to nature. 


While some natural stone can become quite slippery when wet, premium quality Natural Stone from Unilock features a barefoot-friendly yet non-slip surface that makes it an excellent choice for pool or hot tub decks. For the best poolside results, you may want to choose the lighter-colored Sandstone, which remains cool for barefoot comfort.


Although it’s not required, regular sealing can preserve the look of your natural stone. Sealants bring out the colors of individual stones, and they offer further protection from water and resist fading from harsh UV light. 


The Biggest Challenge with Natural Stone

One potential drawback to natural stone is the lack of availability of the right color match if you want to expand an existing outdoor living space in the future. To mitigate this challenge, Unilock Natural Stone is sourced from a global network of partners that ensures consistent availability and reserves of high quality stone.  


Why Choose Unilock Natural Stone?

Unilock Natural Stone offers two timeless colors that complement any design aesthetic. Unilock Sandstone is available in two warm, light earthy colors (Autumn Harvest and Indian Coast) as well as a cool Stone Cliff Grey. Unilock Limestone is available in three cool, sophisticated gray tones (Black River, Hearthstone, and Winter Mist). 


Both Limestone and Sandstone are available with custom surface treatments, and large-format sizes to suit your design style. Unilock also offers complementing coping and steps to finish the look.


Unilock Natural Stone features extremely low water absorption, as confirmed by independent testing labs. This gives the stone superior freeze-thaw durability, flexural strength, and resists the spalling (flaking) that occurs with more porous stone. 


Unilock natural stone is precisely cut and calibrated for uniform thickness and dimensional accuracy for ease of installation. It also requires very little maintenance. To prevent stains, promptly wipe up spills, and regularly sweep the surface clear of grass clippings, fallen leaves, and dirt. Gently power-wash stubborn stains, being careful not to displace the jointing compound; refill any displaced jointing compound to prevent weed growth and to maintain the structural integrity of your stone surface.


An updated outdoor space is a big investment, and premium Natural Stone from Unilock is backed by the Unilock lifetime guarantee. When this material is installed by a Unilock Authorized Contractor, you can be sure that your outdoor living space was installed to the highest standards and will stand the test of time.  


For design ideas on how to use natural stone in your outdoor living project, watch the Unilock project ideas video and talk to your local Unilock Authorized Contractor. 


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When to Opt for Natural Stone in Norwalk, CT, Landscape Designs