What to Look for in Paving Stones for Your Hopewell Junction, NY, Driveway

What to Look for in Paving Stones for Your Hopewell Junction, NY, Driveway

The title image features Brussels Block driveway pavers.


A driveway is more than a place to park the car; it’s often the first thing people notice when they arrive at your home. If you’re considering a driveway upgrade from asphalt or poured concrete to something with significantly more curb appeal and durability, consider paving stones. Here’s what to look for in paving stones for your Hopewell Junction, NY, driveway.


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Why Choose Concrete Paving Stones?

From an aesthetic perspective, pavers offer you virtually unlimited design choices. Unilock driveway pavers come in a huge variety of styles, shapes, colors, sizes, and textures to complement any architectural style. 


From a practical perspective, Unilock driveway pavers are designed to interlock, which creates a strong surface that won’t crack or chip like solid-surface asphalt or poured concrete driveways. Some Unilock driveway pavers are available in permeable options. This is a great choice for eco-conscious homeowners. Permeable paving stones allow rain and snowmelt to seep through the joints between the pavers and return to the aquifer rather than causing runoff that can lead to flooding.


First impressions are important, and lasting. Depending on the look you want to achieve, Unilock pavers offer a variety of looks to complement your design aesthetic.


Mattoni concrete pavers offer the classic look of brick, but in a modern slender style that makes for a richly textured surface. The distressed weathered finish of these Roman-inspired pavers gives your driveway a historic appeal. Available in three colors, Mattoni paving stones lend themselves to creative color blending and laying patterns. 


For a relaxed, weathered appearance, choose Brussels Block—-the original tumbled paving stone reminiscent of ancient Mediterranean village roads. With six colors and over 20 recommended laying patterns to choose from, Brussels Block gives you an opportunity to unleash your creativity.  

Strength and Durability

For an old-world historic look fortified with Ultima Concrete technology that delivers up to four times the strength of poured concrete, look no further than Courtstone cobblestone concrete pavers from Unilock. Their soft sheen is inspired by well-worn cobblestones found throughout Europe. Courtstone paving stones are cast from real European cobblestones for an authentic surface that hides their dimensionally precise interlocking system. These small-size paving stones can be ideal for curved driveways, or as accents and borders. 


These elegant pavers are available in Basalt and Belgian Blue, and if you’re wondering how they will hold up to snow plowing, you’ll be pleased to learn that Courtstone paving stones are compatible with subsurface heating grids, and they are also highly scratch-resistant.


Richcliff paving stones take inspiration from natural flagstone. If you love the look of bluestone but want a durable driveway surface, you can combine several colors for a natural bluestone look. Featuring Ultima technology for superior strength and durability, these large format pavers are available in three colors, a variety of sizes, and randomized laying patterns to give your driveway a unique contemporary look. 


Tribeca Cobble permeable pavers from Unilock are inspired by European granite pavers. They come in two stunning colors, Crystaline Basalt and Peppered Granite, and they are infused with real granite, quartz, and marble particles for unique sheen and depth. 


For a casual yet modern look, choose Thornbury paving stones from Unilock. Thornbury features the classic look of flagstone, but easily stand up to the demands of a driveway. These eco-friendly permeable pavers are available in three sizes and four earthy colors.


Your Unilock Authorized Contractor can help you carefully consider the best driveway options for you, and will install your driveway to exacting specifications—for beauty and function that stands the test of time.


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What to Look for in Paving Stones for Your Hopewell Junction, NY, Driveway