What Goes Into Choosing Concrete Pavers for Monochrome Landscape Designs in Fredericksburg, VA

What Goes Into Choosing Concrete Pavers for Monochrome Landscape Designs in Fredericksburg, VA
The title image features Umbriano concrete pavers.


Concrete pavers give you unprecedented choices in colors, shapes, textures, finishes, and sizes. But there’s always the danger of creating an outdoor living space that is too busy. Monochrome landscapes are more soothing—and modern. To help you make the best choice in materials, here’s what goes into choosing concrete pavers for monochrome landscape designs in Fredericksburg, VA.


A monochrome landscape may feature one color but various shades at once. While you may envision a sea of green, there are many variations of green. Textures and shapes take center stage, and this includes your hardscape. A monochrome landscape actually makes a stronger visual impact, provides a soothing sense of order, and offers greater design cohesion than random landscapes with a mix of colors, shapes, and textures. The result is a tranquil, pleasing outdoor space that can help you unplug from your worries.


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Color and Simplicity 

There are two main things to consider when designing a monochromatic landscape: color and simplicity. Large square size pavers, for example, can reduces visual clutter. You may want to focus on pavers that feature a smooth texture that retains its non-slip properties even when wet. 

Here are four concrete pavers from Unilock that enhance a monochrome landscape design.


Richcliff pavers are inspired by the texture of natural cut flagstone. The Smoke Shale color is a perfect monochromatic choice for hardscapes set in large expanses of lawn or for hardscapes set among evergreens or foliage. While Richcliff pavers come in a variety of sizes, the most tranquil look could perhaps be achieved by choosing the large 21” x 12” rectangle. This will minimize joint lines for a clean, uncluttered look, even in this texturally rich paver.


Beacon Hill Smooth is a smoothly textured yet richly colored paver that fits beautifully into a monochromatic setting. The Tuscany (light/warm), Steel Mountain (mid-tone) and Fossil (darker/warmer) colors offer the most flexibility for fitting in with your planting schemes. While their blended appearance looks like natural stone, you can minimize visual clutter by choosing the 34.625″ x 20.875″ size.


Senzo pavers are not typically used in a monochromatic setting due to their dramatic color gradations, the light tan Cremo color works well with a lighter-toned monochromatic landscape. Senzo pavers are available either as a rectangle or square. Use the rectangular pavers in a running bond or herringbone pattern, and the squares as borders for a clean yet visually interesting look. 


Umbriano pavers give your hardscape the sophisticated look of natural granite. Unilock ColorFusion Technology randomly disperses granite particles throughout the pavers for a unique mottled surface, natural look and barefoot-friendly non-slip texture. This versatile paver enhances a monochromatic landscape design, whether you use it on a patio, pool deck, or driveway. The Summer Wheat, French Grey, or Midnight Sky color choices offer subtle color gradation to complement any dominant landscape color; and while the paver is available in a variety of sizes, the 24” square size could give you the clean, tranquil look you want.


For more inspiration and to see Unilock concrete pavers in person, browse the Unilock Project Ideas or contact your local Unilock Authorized Contractor.


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What Goes Into Choosing Concrete Pavers for Monochrome Landscape Designs in Fredericksburg, VA