What Can Hardscaping Do for Your Home in Spring Lake Heights, NJ

What Can Hardscaping Do for Your Home in Spring Lake Heights, NJ


Adding beautiful elements to your Spring Lake Heights, NJ, home, will enhance the appeal and the value of your home. Here’s how you can enjoy a peaceful haven in the comfort of your backyard or welcome visitors with gorgeous front yard hardscaping:


Increased Value

Being sought-after features, patios and decks are known to increase the resale value of a house. A patio serves as an extension of the living space, so provides additional functional square footage to the floor plan of the home. The appeal of this outdoor space can be various features, such as water features, a fire pit, an outdoor kitchen, or a bar. Outdoor kitchens have one of the highest ROI, especially if there are additional features, such as pizza ovens, fire features, grill islands, refrigerators, and sinks. Add a stunning permanent bar and seating space, and you will see a huge ROI regardless of when you decide to sell your current home. For an investment like this, you need materials that will stand the test of time and won’t crack or split under the stresses of heavy use or the weight of outdoor appliances. Unilock pavers and wall units are created for that sole purpose, to allow homeowners to enjoy the beauty of their outdoor living spaces without the usual concerns of costly repairs. For your outdoor kitchen, consider the Brussels Dimensional System or Estate Wall and extend the look of natural stone throughout your hardscape. For your patio flooring, consider going with the beautiful Umbriano or elegant Richcliff pavers, and enhance the area with rich Series paver accents.

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Less Maintenance

Less maintenance on both the front and backyard translates into greater enjoyment in outdoor living. When the hardscape is being used as a significant part of the overall design, most of the foundational elements that will be part of the landscape will require minimal maintenance. With low walls or built-in seating, you can solve the major problem of maintaining furniture in an outdoor setting, especially under an open patio area. Aside from their practical side, hardscapes should be used to enhance the architecture of the home. The ultra-realistic texture of Unilock Rivercrest Wall stems from Reala Surface Technology and can be used for crafting stylish walls and pillars with matching fire pits, all while offering maximum durability and long-lasting aesthetics. Rivercrest Wall’s color palette contains two beautiful neutral shades, Buff and Coastal Slate, which can be an ideal complement to various outdoor surroundings.


Keep Greenery Intact

Walkways and pathways are a great opportunity to direct visitors from one place to another. One of the biggest benefits of these hardscape features is that they allow you to keep visitors from taking shortcuts through your lovely flower beds or freshly fertilized or watered grass. Allow greenery to grow lush and healthy, with a Copthorne walkway or Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone pathway. Copthorne is a high-quality paver that presents a strong surface that won’t crack or split, making it ideal for walkway applications. Copthorne is also perfect as an accent paver or for adding borders. If you are looking for natural stone for your walkways, choose Unilock Sandstone or Limestone to get fantastic value from quality natural stone that features low water absorption, and offers excellent freeze-thaw durability and strength.

The title image features an Umbriano patio with Brussels Dimensional System verticals and Series accents.


What Can Hardscaping Do for Your Home in Spring Lake Heights, NJ