Wet-Blade Hardscape Edge Cutting with Pennella’s Landscape Design of Towaco, NJ

Wet-Blade Hardscape Edge Cutting with Pennella’s Landscape Design of Towaco, NJ


This paving project was undertaken by Unilock Authorized Contractor, Pennella’s Landscape Design of Towaco, NJ. Beautifully detailed French Grey Umbriano pavers were used to create this hardscape surface with a precise, curved edge to boldly contrast the deep green and brown hues in the adjacent softscape.


Most paving projects require the trimming of certain pavers, whether the goal is to neaten the edge of a walkway or create room for planters and drainage inlets. Before any cutting can commence, the pavers are marked in preparation. One option is to lay the paver pattern to the outermost edge of the hardscape and place a row of soldier course pavers directly on top of the installed area in the same relative position that they will be once everything has been cut. Using chalk, a marker or a pencil, the edge of the soldier course can be marked. The pavers can then be cut according to the markings to ensure that the soldier course is a perfect fit.


While pieces as small and smaller than a third of a paver should be avoided, a wet-cut power saw can achieve a neat, precise cut. This project, for example, includes a very small paver that is an essential piece of the smooth curve. Power saws, whether they bear diamond blades or abrasive blades, are excellent candidates for precision cutting and are very mobile. However, they produce plenty of dust, which can be a significant problem when it settles on cars, windows and plants. It is, therefore, recommended to use a water attachment to reduce the amount of dust produced. When water is used, it also provides lubrication and reduces wear on the blade.


In order to save time and money, ensure that you plan the construction process so that a faucet, or other water source, is always handy. Also ensure that you use clean water, as recirculated water can stain the pavers. However, clean water can also become soiled by  residue, which has the potential to stain the pavers and should be washed away before it has a chance to dry. Plan ahead so that the water doesn’t run onto other pavers or vulnerable materials.

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Wet-Blade Hardscape Edge Cutting with Pennella’s Landscape Design of Towaco, NJ