Walkway Pavers to Consider for a Fairytale Scene in Your Norfolk, VA, Backyard

Walkway Pavers to Consider for a Fairytale Scene in Your Norfolk, VA, Backyard
The title image features Copthorne walkway pavers with Brussels Block accents.


When you think about a fairytale setting, one word probably comes to mind: magic. Creating a magical setting is possible with the right pavers! Here are five walkway pavers to consider for a fairytale scene in your Norfolk, VA, backyard.


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The Elements of Magic

What exactly makes a landscape feel magical? Plantings are of course important. Consider planting soft ferns and grasses, leafy shrubs and trees that let the moonlight filter through, as well as delicate flowering ground covers and mosses around your walkway to soften the look and add a sense of wonder.


When it comes to the walkway materials, the most “magical” surfaces are those that fit into nature. The colors complement natural settings, and the textures mirror the delightful randomness of nature. Choosing the right size paver will also add to a fairytale setting: Small pavers will create a more delicate walkway.



One of the most magical pavers in the entire Unilock line is the slender brick-like Mattoni paver. These pavers are antiqued for a timeworn appearance. Choose from Cocoa Brown, Dark Charcoal, or Sable Blend for a relaxed walkway that will age exquisitely, especially if surrounded by mounds of moss, creeping thyme, or hosta (with its delightful trumpet shaped flowers). You may find that Mattoni pavers are perfect laid in a herringbone pattern. Or, if your walkway is curved, consider laying them in a running bond in the direction of travel to create the look of a secret woodland path.



If your idea of a fairyland walkway is a series of stepping stones set in grass or in flowering groundcovers or mosses, then you will love the look of Ledgestone. Ledgestone can be sued for garden steps or a casual walkway. This would not be the typical choice for a front entry walkway, where you’d want a more level surface for guests, but it could be fitting for a an interesting effect in your backyard.



Who doesn’t love the charm of a cobblestone path meandering through gardens, past idyllic pastures and quiet woods? Courtstone is available in two deep, rich colors: Basalt and Belgian Blue. When paired with a lighter jointing compound, the result is a highly textured walkway. The non-linear shape of Courtstone pavers can be perfect for creating a curved walkway or for curved inlays at a gathering spot just outside the front door. What really sets this paver apart is its sheen. These pavers look as though they’ve seen centuries of foot traffic—and have withstood the test of time.


Treo Premier

The smaller dimensions of this flagstone-inspired paver make it perfect for walkways—especially narrow walkways that evoke the look of a secluded woodland path. Available in a variety of natural colors and sizes, this paver gives you the modern appeal of random laying patterns with the natural look of a relaxed flagstone paver.



Copthorne walkway pavers are a great choice for a classic brick walkway. A choice of five colors gives you plenty of opportunity to complement your home’s aesthetic, and the small dimensions are perfectly sized for creating a magical walkway.


Each of these pavers have a unique character that will bring a touch of fairytale to your walkway, and they’re backed by the Unilock guarantee and commitment to quality.


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Walkway Pavers to Consider for a Fairytale Scene in Your Norfolk, VA, Backyard