Walkway Pavers That Give Walkways an Old World Feel in Red Bank, NJ

Walkway Pavers That Give Walkways an Old-World Feel in Red Bank, NJ
The title image features Mattoni walkway pavers.


Whether your home is vintage or brand-new, you can impart a historic vibe to your Red Bank, NJ, landscape by choosing specific types of pavers. Here are a few Unilock walkway pavers that achieve an old-world look and feel.


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Old-world style pavers may appear to have a polished surface honed by centuries of foot, horse, and wagon traffic. Or they may feature a weather-worn distressed texture reminiscent of ancient towns. An old-world aesthetic can come from the use of local materials that are arranged by hand.


You could start with your home’s design aesthetic as a jumping-off point for choosing the right type of walkway paver. If your home has a brick facade, for example, you may wish to complete the look with a slightly contrasting brick-style paver, or tone down the brick with natural stone.


Brick Walkway Pavers

One of the world’s oldest building materials, brick inherently adds a time-worn look to your walkway. But “brick” doesn’t limit you to “brick red.” It is a term that loosely describes a shape, but today you have lots of options in colors and sizes. 


Unilock Mattoni brick pavers are a modern take on a classic. Mattoni pavers are available in three colors (the warm and earthy Cocoa Brown and Sable Blend, and the dramatic Dark Charcoal). What sets these pavers apart is their long, slender shape that is perfect for curved walkways or artistic inlays. Their distressed finish brings a vintage touch to modern architecture. If your home has a brick facade, the Dark Charcoal color lets you maintain the brick theme without overwhelming the landscape with too much red.


Unilock Copthorne pavers are inspired by European street pavers (think Amsterdam). These pavers feature traditional brick sizes but five vibrant colors including the dramatic Basalt and Steel Blue. Combine three colors for a dramatic look. Count on these pavers to give your walkway historic character that stands the test of time!


Cobblestone Walkway Pavers

Cobblestone pavers can provide instant charm. These look like roughly square or slightly rectangular stones (many are also rounded). As evidenced by Roman roads still in existence today, cobblestone surfaces are incredibly durable.   


Unilock Courtstone cobblestone pavers come in two dramatic colors, Basalt and Belgian Blue, which can be combined on site for a stunning effect. Their well-worn sheen and rough-hewn look belies their engineered origins and pairs exceptionally well with homes with stone, wood, or stucco facades. Cast with Unilock Reala Technology, Courtstone pavers are virtually indistinguishable from ancient cobblestones. These versatile pavers are also created using Ultima technology for up to four times the strength of poured concrete. For a cohesive look, have Courtstone pavers installed on both your walkway and driveway. They are also commonly used as borders and accents.


Natural Stone

Natural stone has been used for centuries to construct plazas, sidewalks, entryways, and patios. The beauty of natural stone is its texture and color variety, even within the same batch. Unilock offers two types of premium natural stones that add a historic touch to your landscape. Sandstone comes in two warm colors (Autumn Harvest and Indian Coast) as well as a cool and sophisticated Stone Cliff Grey. Limestone comes in three shades: Black River, Hearthstone, and Winter Mist. Whether you choose the warmer tones of Sandstone or the cooler tones of Limestone, you get a premium natural stone product with incredible character.


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Walkway Pavers That Give Walkways an Old-World Feel in Red Bank, NJ