Why Unilock’s Stone Pavers are an Excellent Investment


Although concrete pavers can replicate the textures and shades of natural stone, many homeowners prefer knowing that their pavers are made from authentic natural stone. Every natural stone is imbued with its own unique “fingerprint” of color gradations and texture variations, ensuring a lively, organic surface. Investing in stone pavers will add character, beauty and value to your Oyster Bay Cove, NY landscape for decades to come – and will prove to be worth every penny.



Natural stone can be used to complement both traditional and contemporary landscape designs, owing this versatility to its wide range of shades and textures, as well as providing the option of a neutral color palette. This neutrality allows you to remodel your landscape without having to remove or replace stone elements. The timeless elegance of natural stone ensures that it continues to accentuate your landscape, even in a new setting. Unilock’s Black River Limestone, for example, creates a dreamy contemporary patio complemented by metallic elements and powerful brick structures. On the other hand, it pairs well with the plant life and patterned fabrics that define a classic or countryside patio design. Natural stone is visually compatible with a wide range of other materials, such as metal and concrete. Installing chrome appliances within natural stone structures creates a stunning blend of sleek and rugged textures, and can be even be paired with concrete pavers as accents.



Unilock’s natural stone is renowned for resistant to fading because of our wide range of enhanced surface treatments. The color of a particular stone extends throughout its width, so that a scratch or chip to the surface reveals an identical color underneath. Unilock’s Lifetime Guarantee stands behind the durability of its natural stone and is the first of its kind in the industry. Natural stone is also workable and can be shaped, chiseled and trimmed without losing its color or effect.


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Visual warmth

Designers agree that natural, warm colors and multiple textures create cozy rooms – specifications met by natural stone. Installing an underfloor heating system or outdoor fireplace can also add literal warmth to an outdoor room and amplify the comfortable atmosphere created by the use of stone. Sandstone, particularly in Unilock’s Autumn Harvest shade, bears visual warmth in its sandy undertones and granular textures. The multitude of color and texture variations within natural stone result in vibrant, dynamic surfaces that are entirely unique.


Low-maintenance and practicality

Stone pavers thrive without human interference, as all natural materials are designed to do. Should a stone surface accumulate dirt, its durability allows it to be hosed down without any damaging consequences. Stone is receptive to heat from the sun, holding and radiating heat long after sunset. This may allow you to hold off on using heating systems during fall and can lower your utility bill. Natural stone is a practical candidate for poolside areas, as its raised textures create a non-slip surface. Unilock’s Indian Coast Sandstone provides a sleek, modern parameter for a geometric pool and is complemented by the blue hues in the water.


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Why Unilock Stone Pavers are an Excellent Investment Oyster Bay Cove NY