Unilock Products for a Rustic Retaining Wall in Huntington Bay, NY

Unilock Products for a Rustic Retaining Wall in Huntington Bay, NY

Rustic retaining walls add charm and functionality to your landscape: their textured surfaces blend into the surroundings, and they offer an un-fussy, casual approach to soil management, space definition, and even overflow seating. The biggest challenge can be choosing the right product! Here are just some Unilock products that are perfect for a rustic retaining wall design in Huntington Bay, NY.


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Do I need a retaining wall if my lot is flat or nearly flat?

Retaining walls do much more than just hold back dirt and create usable space on sloped lots. Retaining walls also provide overflow seating, which is particularly useful in small areas that would otherwise get cluttered up with chairs during a party. They help to define spaces: if you have a large outdoor living space, it can start to feel like an endless, hot expanse if it isn’t broken up with vertical elements. A retaining wall can be enhanced with planters, lights, or even a water feature to create distinct areas within a larger outdoor space. Retaining walls are often used alongside walkways – a brilliant way to hide low voltage lighting without the visual clutter of light posts. They are often used to encircle trees (and provide seating in the shade), border gardens, and soften the transition between the home and the landscape.

Unilock concrete wall products marry the appearance of natural stone with the structural benefits and durability of interlocking concrete units. 


Concord Wall

Concord Wall is a popular retaining wall product featuring a setback design which ensures structural stability in retaining walls designed to hold back soil (such as on a sloped lot). This product is available in several sizes, including a tapered shape for curved walls and coping/step tread. 


Estate Wall

A weathered, rough appearance of ancient rock is achieved with the antiqued finish of the Estate Wall blocks. This product comes in varying lengths which makes it suitable for straight or curved applications. Estate Wall features four color choices that can be used to bring a touch of Tuscan charm to your outdoor living spaces!


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Rivercrest Wall

Perhaps the ultimate in rustic charm, Rivercrest Wall gives your landscape the classic mortarless look of hand-stacked flagstone. Rivercrest Wall mimics natural flagstone thanks to  Reala Surface Technology, which uses molds cast from real flagstone for an unbeatable authentic look. Rivercrest Wall is available in two neutral colors, Buff or Coastal Slate, and comes in four different lengths for versatility and random laying patterns.


Ledgestone Coping

Coping adds the finishing touch to your retaining wall: it’s the top layer, or the “cap.” Offering a rustic appearance, Ledgestone is a universal coping system that mimics the look of hand-hewn stone. Its pitched edges are optimized to work interchangeably with any wall system and it comes in two colors – Buff and a mid-tone Grey.


Unilock Universal Coping 

If your retaining walls will serve as overflow seating and you want a smooth, garment-friendly surface, choose Unilock Universal Coping. Featuring a straight edge and available in tan, light grey and dark charcoal, this coping gives you plenty of design choices.


Brussels Fullnose Coping

Brussels Fullnose Coping is a great choice if you prefer bullnose coping and rounded corners for a softer look. The surface is smooth and garment-friendly, yet retains the rustic appearance you’re looking for; and with eight available colors, this option is perfectly suited for use with any rustic Unilock wall product.

For design ideas, advice, and to receive a free estimate on your retaining wall project, connect with a Unilock Authorized Contractor today. 


The title image features an Estate Wall retaining wall with Ledgestone fullnose coping.


Unilock Products for a Rustic Retaining Wall in Huntington Bay, NY