Turf Master Landscape Design of Wayne, NJ, Showcases Stunning Paver Inlay Driveway

Turf Master Landscape Design of Wayne, NJ, Showcases Stunning Paver Inlay Driveway


This paver inlay driveway features a complex design that includes a detailed compass rose, diagonal cross hatching, and multiple borders. To enhance the attractiveness of the design and emphasize the shapes that constitute the graphic detail, three shades of Umbriano pavers have been incorporated – Winter Marvel, Summer Wheat, and Autumn Harvest (replaced by Harvest Brown as of 2018). This is achievable due to the fact that Unilock Umbriano pavers are available in mutually complementary colors. A similar tri-tone combination can be created using any three of Umbriano’s color options – Midnight Sky, Winter Marvel, Summer Wheat, Harvest Brown, or French Grey.

This particular inlay gives the driveway of this home an estate-like beauty and sense of grandeur. The emblem also serves the purpose of acting as a focal point for cars entering the property, as well as drawing the eye from inside the home or surrounding landscape, all while breaking up the large paved expanse with impressive detail.

Inlays such as this are perfect for large spaces, be it a patio, driveway, or parking area, and can be used to complement and draw attention to other features of the hardscape, such as fire pits and fireplaces. Inlays can take the form of spirals, family crests, and pictographs of almost any kind, and are an excellent way to add a unique signature to a client’s home if you’re a contractor, or customize your hardscape if you’re a homeowner.

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Turf Master Landscape Design based in Wayne, NJ, have demonstrated a commitment to high-quality craftsmanship with an inlay of this level of detail, as well as the capacity for high-precision planning and cutting. To execute this sort of accuracy, many contractors pave the entire area first before marking out the outer edge of a circular inlay. This can help to ensure an even, perfect circle using the string and chalk method. Pavers along the edge of the circle can then be cut and replaced and the pavers within the circle can be removed. Making as few cuts as possible by using large format pavers for the points of the compass rose can also help to keep the design neat and crisp. Umbriano pavers are available in a large 23.625″ X 23.625” format – another reason they’re ideal for this sort of design.



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Turf Master Landscape Design of Wayne, NJ, Showcases Stunning Paver Inlay Driveway