Try These Products for Combined Dining Areas and Outdoor Kitchens in Islip, NY


Creating an outdoor kitchen as luxurious as your indoor one can push your patio’s aesthetic to the next level. It makes guests feel as comfortable as they would indoors, while allowing them to enjoy the evening air and offers a ‘best of both worlds’ experience. Equipping your kitchen with the latest appliances and investing in high quality dining furniture will contribute towards creating impressive spaces for cooking and dining. However, the pavers underfoot, whether sleek or rustic, will have just as great an influence on the look of your outdoor rooms. Consider the benefits of the following Unilock pavers for your outdoor kitchen or dining area.


Artline pavers

Artline pavers have a distinctly sleek and modern look. Available in an array of neutral shades, like the sandy Tuscany and cool French Grey options, these pavers bear great versatility and are able to complement an even greater variety of hardscape designs. EnduraColor Technology from Unilock ensures that, despite frequent sun exposure and mechanical pressures, your Artline pavers will retain their elegant surface colors and resist fading. They are smooth, with a geometric design that is often incorporated into contemporary and minimalist themes.

Your outdoor kitchen is bound to experience its fair share of spills and messes. Fortunately, Artline pavers are imbued with EasyClean Stain Resistance that protects against stains and makes the pavers easier to clean. Consider Artline pavers for a strikingly modern, low-maintenance kitchen floor.

The title image features a grill island and seat wall built with Brussels Dimensional System, complemented by a Steel Mountain Artline paver patio.


Brussels Block pavers

Brussels Block pavers have a classic, time-worn look brimming with character. Their rugged textures add interest and a touch of historic elegance to any outdoor space. Pairing these pavers with more modern materials, especially those you would find in outdoor kitchens, can highlight their antique and weathered appearance and complement the hardscape rather than overpower its aesthetic. Chrome appliances, for example, will help to create a perfect balance between vintage and modern aesthetic themes.

These pavers are available in a range of pleasant neutral shades with subtle contrasts, between cold blue and warm orange hues, for example. They are excellent candidates for elegant, understated outdoor kitchens and dining areas decked out with distressed woods and other bohemian textures.

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Copthorne pavers

These pavers are an unorthodox choice for outdoor kitchens and are therefore excellent candidates for homeowners seeking a unique and personalized hardscape. Consider these small, brick-like pavers for cozy kitchens investing in a truly rustic aesthetic.

In the Burgundy Red or Old Oak color variation, Copthorne pavers pair excellently with plants. A kitchen beneath a pergola, shrouded in vines and hanging plants, would house these pavers beautifully. Incorporating plenty of wood and wrought iron into the hardscape design will further develop a cozy, cottage-like atmosphere within the dining area.

Outdoor kitchens receive frequent foot traffic and are susceptible to a range of other mechanical stresses. Copthorne pavers are imbued with Ultima Concrete Technology from Unilock, which grants each paver four times the strength of poured concrete and is a practical choice for outdoor kitchens.


Try These Products for Combined Dining Areas and Outdoor Kitchens in Islip, NY