Top 4 Rustic Outdoor Kitchen Designs for Wayne, NJ, Backyards

Top 4 Rustic Outdoor Kitchen Designs for Wayne, NJ, Backyards


An outdoor kitchen can greatly affect the aesthetics and functionality of a landscape, so it is important that its created, not only as a place that the homeowners will love and enjoy spending their time, but also as a beautiful area to enhance the ambience of the backyard. For Wayne, NJ, homeowners who love the look of rustic or traditional design and architecture, Unilock concrete pavers and wall units are the ideal materials for creating an outdoor kitchen that will suit their tastes.


Weathered Aesthetics

One of the best ways to add a rustic flavor to a kitchen is with materials that offer beautiful, weathered textures. The Brussels Dimensional System, for example, presents an aged, tumbled surface texture that serves as the perfect addition to a rustic-style outdoor kitchen. This wall unit reflects rugged outdoor aesthetics and brings character to an outdoor living area – a go-to choice for rustic-chic outdoor kitchen design. By pairing the Brussels Dimensional System with Brussels Block pavers and their unique, inviting texture, homeowners can ensure a winning combination for their rustic-themed hardscape. The quarried look of Brussels Block and its broad color palette are perfectly compatible with the complementary colors of Brussels Dimensional System verticals.

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Classic Rustic

Capture the essence of country living with Rivercrest Wall and deep accents of Courtstone. These two outstanding units offer a timeless appeal that will match a rustic outdoor setting. Rivercrest Wall allows homeowners to highlight their landscape scenery with the natural look of stacked flagstone in the two subtle shades of Buff or Coastal Slate – perfect for an outdoor kitchen area with relaxed appeal. Use Rivercrest Wall for elegant kitchen walls, seating areas, or fire features, and pair it with the antique aesthetic of Courtstone. This paver can be used either as a primary paver or as a stunning accent. Courtstone resembles the look of old-world cobblestone used in old European cities and villages. Courtstone comes in a variety of warm and cool shades – Belgian Blue, Dawn Mist, Basalt, and Pebble Taupe. Courtstone also offers unsurpassed strength and an ultra-realistic surface texture, thanks to the combination of Ultima Concrete Technology and Reala Surface Technology from Unilock. These two units are the perfect combination for homeowners looking for a classic, rustic look with visual warmth, as well as the strength to withstand the test of age and weather.


A Regal Touch

Estate Wall goes one step further in bringing a rustic touch to an outdoor kitchen. This wall unit not only provides the welcoming appeal of rural comfort, but combines this with luxury and elegance. The unique antique-textured finish of Estate Wall recreates the majestic appearance of aged natural rock. Available in a range of warm colors, Estate Wall can be paired with a paver that will mirror these warm tones, or create contrast with cooler shades. Consider, for example, pairing Estate Wall with the warm colors and rich textures of Cassova pavers. This versatile paver can be arranged in a herringbone, basket-weave, running-bond or stacked-bond pattern, and makes a beautiful accent paver for a rustic outdoor setting.


Traditional Elegance

To add a touch of modernity to your landscape, while retaining the rich textures and natural colors that are characteristic of the rustic theme, consider the elegance of the Richcliff paver and its embossed surface texture. This paver is ideal for outdoor kitchens because of its durable, non-slip, stain-resistant surface. Thanks to the Ultima Concrete Technology, Richcliff will not only ensure an elegant natural look, but also ensure that the beauty of your outdoor kitchen is backed by strength.

The title image features an Estate Wall outdoor kitchen grill island.


Top 4 Rustic Outdoor Kitchen Designs for Wayne, NJ, Backyards