Top 3 Landscaping Ideas for Cooking and Dining in Style in Bridgeport, CT

Top 3 Landscaping Ideas for Cooking and Dining in Style in Bridgeport, CT


Outdoor cooking gives you the freedom of preparing food in the comfort of your backyard, while outdoor dining takes the enjoyment of a gourmet meal to another level. Integrating a separate outdoor dining room and outdoor kitchen into your landscape design is one of the best ways to bring the indoors outdoors. Create a fantastic outdoor living area with Unilock pavers and wall units, and add style and great value to your Bridgeport, CT home with these landscaping ideas:


Set the tone with the Right Flooring

The paving of your hardscape is just as important as the flooring of the rooms inside your home. Therefore, your landscape design should be approached with the same attention to detail as you would when decorating your home. Bring luxury to your yard with the stunning granite texture of Umbriano pavers from Unilock. Umbriano presents the natural look and feel of granite, one of the most sort after natural stone aesthetics, contributing beauty with its unique mottled surface created with the use of ColorFusion Technology. This paver comes in some beautiful color options, such as the warm Autumn Sunset, the neutral modern look presented by the French Grey color option, the light tone of Winter Marvel, and the deep Midnight Sky shade. Because of its design versatility, Umbriano makes it possible to cover your entire hardscape with a single paver, and still achieve a rich, elegant look. It is also compatible with accent pavers. Add definition to your hardscape to visually separate areas, such as your cooking, dining, and lounging spaces, with the various accent paver options offered by Unilock. Consider, for example, including borders between each outdoor room with the old-world look of Town Hall pavers and its eye-catching, vibrant warm or cool shades. Or mix things up by adding an entire section with the textured Il Campo paver. If you are looking for something that offers a classic flagstone look, consider Richcliff or Beacon Hill Flagstone as a primary, accent, or border paver.

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Mix things up with a Pergola

A must-have for a practical and usable outdoor kitchen and dining area, a pergola offers comfort, provides shade and privacy. Add a stylish, wooden pergola that extends from durable yet attractive pillar footings. If you are after the look of natural stone, consider Rivercrest Wall pillar footings for the look and feel of stacked flagstone. This wall unit is also perfect for outdoor kitchen pillars, grill islands, bars and seating areas, giving you creative freedom to incorporate a unified theme as part of your cooking and dining rooms.


Poolside Dining

Double the fun and create an amazing backyard ambiance by integrating your outdoor kitchen into your poolside. Having your cooking and dining areas placed next to your pool along with a fire feature is an immediate mood-lifter for your guests. A great combination of dining and poolside leisure, this combination does not exclude anyone from socializing or the delicious smells of food preparation. Consider the Brussels Dimensional System, for your kitchen walls, pillars, seating area, steps, fire pit or fireplace. This wall unit is available in a multitude of colors and enchants with its weathered texture. For a nice finishing touch, add the rounded edge of Brussels Fullnose coping to the design of your vertical features as well as the edge of your pool.

The title image features an outdoor kitchen and dining area utilizing Umbriano pavers and Rivercrest Wall.


Top 3 Landscaping Ideas for Cooking and Dining in Style in Bridgeport, CT