The Secrets to Gorgeous Outdoor Patio Lighting in Huntington Bay, NY

The Secrets to Gorgeous Outdoor Patio Lighting in Huntington Bay NY


After putting all the time and labor into a beautiful patio design, it should be enjoyed as much as possible. A crucial element to consider in the process is incorporating lighting into the design. Not only will integrated lighting extend the patio’s useable time into the evening, it’s also a great way to add visual details and ambiance to your Huntington Bay, New York, home.


Lighting for High-Traffic Areas

The first important step is providing lighting along traffic areas for sure footing and navigation around the patio. Downward facing lights can be placed along the edges of the patio, while inset lighting can be embedded into the steps between levels, and beneath the coping of verticals such as retaining walls and permanent seating. Downward facing lights reduce glare, illuminate walkways, and also highlight the texture and color of your concrete pavers or natural stone, such as the rich details of Beacon Hill Flagstone or Richcliff pavers, or the timeworn surfaces of Courtstone.

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Lighting Vertical Surfaces

Verticals, such as retaining walls, grill islands and water features are also an ideal place to use downward facing light to avoid glare. This also creates dimension and interesting shadows around your patio. Good lighting turns vertical elements into attractive visual accents and will highlight the wall’s textures. The weathered texture of the Brussels Dimensional System, for example, is highlighted by this sort of lighting. Tuck lighting fixtures underneath the capstone of the wall so it hits the wall’s surface. Strip lights are also a great idea for modern retaining walls, like the Lineo Dimensional Stone, creating a long, uninterrupted line of light under lips and edges.



Another dramatic way of highlighting the features of your patio design is with uplighting. These lights are great for putting in plant beds around the patio, under trees, and on water features, creating a sculptural silhouette of interesting design elements. When used on trees or plants, you can achieve different looks as the foliage changes, and create a truly unique atmosphere for your home. Uplighting is also a great way to draw attention to the home itself, creating a beautiful architectural backdrop to your evening entertaining.


Outdoor Kitchen and Dining Room Lighting

If your backyard patio includes an outdoor kitchen, there are many great ways to include lighting in the design that will help you get the most out of this outdoor workspace. Circle the perimeter of the dining area with hanging lanterns or other suspended lights that cast a gentle downward glow on diners. Be sure to build in task lighting along the surfaces. If you have a raised bar on one side, use the lip to inset small lights that shine down on the interior counter, providing illumination for evening appetizer prep or chopping garnishes for cocktails.


Decorative Lighting

Throughout the patio space, look for opportunities for decorative lighting as well. Seasonal details such as string lights, paper lanterns, and festive lamps are easy to change out for different themes, and add a unique atmosphere to different events or times of year. If you have an outdoor fireplace with mantels and shelves, it is a great place to include some hidden lamps for atmospheric illumination. Use the mantels as a place for decorative lamps or candles.

The title image features a Richcliff patio with Courtstone accents and Brussels Dimensional System vertical features.


The Secrets to Gorgeous Outdoor Patio Lighting in Huntington Bay NY