The 4 Benefits of Using Stone Pavers For Your Alfresco Dining Areas in Elmont, NY

The 4 Benefits of Using Stone Pavers For Your Alfresco Dining Areas in Elmont, NY
The title image features Bristol Valley pavers.


When the winter hits, that’s when dreams of beautiful landscapes in Elmont, NY, take shape. Perhaps you’ll be passing the cold season thinking about entertaining friends and sharing meals together under the starry sky on a warm summer night. Winter is also the perfect time to plan an outdoor dining area makeover. To help you decide on the best materials, consider these four benefits of using stone pavers for your alfresco dining area.


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First, should you use natural stone or manufactured stone?


Natural Stone

Natural stone is often chosen for its uniqueness. You can be sure that a natural stone dining area won’t look like any other in the world since each stone is absolutely unique. Unilock Natural Stone comes in sandstone or limestone in a variety of colors to match any decor, and the stone is specially treated to maintain color. This material is also slip-resistant, and if it’s sealed regularly, natural stone will be easy-clean, to stand up to the demands of alfresco dining. Properly cared for, natural stone can last a lifetime.


Stone Pavers

Concrete pavers feature a surface finish that mimics natural stone. The advantages of manufactured stone are lighter weight as well as easy maintenance and durability. Unilock uses several cutting-edge technologies to give stone pavers an ultra-realistic appearance virtually indistinguishable from natural stone. Unilock Richcliff pavers, for example, which feature the rich texture of natural flagstone, are cast using Reala Technology. This would give your alfresco dining area a natural look because it would not show any obvious repeated patterns.


Both natural stone and manufactured stone from Unilock are great choices for alfresco dining. Below, you can discover the ways that stone pavers are superior to poured concrete or wood decks.


The Advantages of Unilock Pavers


  1. Practical, Easy Cleanup


Certain concrete pavers from Unilock are infused with EasyClean Technology, which makes the surface impervious to spills and makes cleanup a breeze. Artline pavers, with their sleek plank-like appearance, are a top choice for modern outdoor cooking and dining areas. Bristol Valley pavers are an excellent choice for re-creating the casual and rustic look of flagstone. Even though this paver has a deep texture (which is dramatic in the low light of morning and evening), Bristol Valley is also infused with EasyClean for a low-maintenance cooking/dining paver.


  1. Design Flexibility


Most Unilock pavers are available in a wide variety of sizes, colors, textures, finishes, and shapes, allowing for nearly endless ways to create a unique dining area. Check out the free Unilock Design Idea Catalog or talk to your local Unilock Authorized Contractor for inspiration!


  1. Durability and Longevity


Whether you choose natural stone or manufactured stone, either material will long outlast a poured concrete or wood surface. Thornbury Smooth pavers are flagstone-inspired pavers that can do double duty as durable driveway pavers for a unified look in your landscape. All Unilock pavers are designed to last, for carefree enjoyment of your outdoor spaces.


  1. Easy Installation and Repair


Due to their dimensional consistency, all stone pavers from Unilock simplify the installation process by minimizing the need for on-site cutting and shaping. And in the unlikely event that a paver becomes damaged from impact, it can be individually replaced.


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