Tersigni Landscape Construction Inc. Evision Unilock Driveway to Match Picturesque Home in Maple, ON


Tersigni Landscape Construction Inc. undertook the task to complement this picturesque Maple, ON, home with a driveway that would improve its curb appeal and offer outstanding durability. 3D design software was utilized to compose various mock-up driveways that helped the homeowners visualise the end product and make a final decision. The riven finish offered by Richcliff pavers won the favor of these homeowners, who love the look and feel of natural stone. What’s more; each Richcliff paver has a hardy concrete interior that meets unbeatable standards of durability.


Reala Surface Technology from Unilock imbues each paver with a unique stone-like surface texture that has been cast from real stone and bears natural fissures and a realistic character. A blend of Pebble Taupe and Dawn Mist shades has been utilised here in order to achieve a dynamic final product with a natural appearance. These smokey shades are guaranteed to last decades and resist fading under the consistent strain of UV light, thanks to EnduraColor Facemix Technology from Unilock.


Underneath the picture-perfect surface texture of Richcliff lies a deceptively strong paver that bears four times the strength of poured concrete and can be trusted to withstand heavy loads and frequent vehicular traffic.

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Once a large expanse of flagstone-like Richcliff pavers had been visualized, the homeowners decided to opt for a double border comprised of Basalt Courtstone pavers and Midnight Sky Umbriano pavers. These two pavers differ vastly in texture, as Courtstone pavers have a rustic cobblestone-like look and Umbriano pavers are distinctly chic. However, incorporating other textures into the hardscape design managed to offset and energize such a wide expanse. All the pavers utilized within this driveway design were selected in deep, smokey shades that complement the brick siding of the home.


The positive outcome of this project has fostered a good relationship with Tersigni Landscape Construction Inc. and has left them promoting Unilock products to new clients.


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Tersigni Landscape Construction Inc. Evision Unilock Driveway to Match Picturesque Home in Maple, ON