Styling Retaining Walls with Plants in Hempstead, NY

Styling Retaining Walls with Plants in Hempstead, NY


Retaining walls and terraced plantings contribute to a luxurious and beautiful backyard space. Plants help to soften the hardscape and vertical features such as retaining walls, creating a lively, scented, and colorful backyard. The first step to adding style to a retaining wall with plants is to choose the plants that thrive in the Hempstead, NY area. Here are some ideas:


Add multiple planting beds

When it comes to plant beds, the more you have, the merrier. It is important to choose plants that cohabitate with each other, ensuring that they receive the right amount of sun and water during the day. A simple retaining wall plant bed, filled with Black-eyed Susans (Rudbeckia hirta), Painted Daisies (Tanacetum coccineum) and other flowers of the daisy family (Asteraceae) will bring the backyard to life. Daisies are a natural choice, as most of them are drought resistant and grow in a variety of soils, in a full sun to partial shade location. Other plants to consider are Oakleaf Hydrangea (Hydrangea quercifolia), Winter Jasmine (Jasminum nudiflorum), Thyme, and Sage, which are perfect for border beds.
Depending on the architectural style of your home and your landscape theme, the retaining wall used for your raised beds can be a continuity of the overall color, style and texture scheme. Rivercrest Wall by Unilock offers the character of stacked natural stone and is perfect for building a durable structure that adds a fresh, natural appearance. The design versatility of Rivercrest Wall stems from its neutral shades that match any color scheme, as well as its ultra-realistic texture. Rivercrest Wall can also be used for building other landscape features such as fire pits and grill islands.

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Add Character with Trees

A good choice for your retaining wall or terracing would be the stunning Japanese Maple Tree (Acer palmatum), whose lacy, finely-textured leaves add brilliant fall color. The delicate structure of the tree makes it an interesting addition for a backyard, especially in landscape themes dominated by materials found in nature. Since concrete wall units offer unbeatable stability and strength, you can add natural stone texture by incorporating units that recreate the look of aged, natural rock. Estate Wall(https://unilock.com/products/coping/estate-wall-2/?region=6), for example is the ideal substitute for natural stone. Estate Wall recreates the appearance of aged, natural rock, and thanks to Unilock proprietary technologies, it offers flexibility, durability and is a far more practical building material than natural stone itself. Estate Wall offers a fantastic color palette of golden brown colors, such as Sierra, Walnut, and Almond Grove. This natural aesthetic can be further enhanced with patio pavers such as Courtstone, Beacon Hill Flagstone or Brussels Block.


Make it Fun with Climbing Vines, Creepers and Colorful Shrubs

Climbing vines are perfect for pergolas and arches, but they can also be used to beautify a retaining wall. If vines are not your cup of tea, try a carpet of Creeping Phlox (Phlox subulata) in its soft pastel hues or the silver-grey foliage of English lavender (Lavandula angustifolia). The materials used for creating a retaining wall that will hold vines need to be strong and long-lasting. U-Cara is manufactured using a patented system, exclusive to Unilock and provides unlimited design options that are ideal for various applications, including retaining walls.

The title image features an Estate Wall retaining wall with Beacon Hill Flagstone, Courtstone, and Brussels Block patio pavers.


Styling Retaining Walls with Plants in Hempstead, NY