Style your Outdoor Kitchen with the Proper Furniture in Toms River, NJ

Style your Outdoor Kitchen with the Proper Furniture in Toms River, NJ


An outdoor kitchen offers any number of options for entertaining. Whether it’s a full-scale kitchen with numerous appliances, or a built-in grill top and bar for casual evenings, you want to be able to use it to its greatest advantage. Once the hardscape area and all the built-in accessories have been completed, choosing furniture that best complements your outdoor kitchen in Toms River, New Jersey, is the next step in making your outdoor kitchen ready to enjoy.


Durable Furniture for Outdoor Settings

When selecting furniture for an outdoor kitchen, there are a few things to consider. First is durability, as it will most likely see wear and tear from the elements. Even if furniture is stored during the harshest winter months, the sun and rain will still be an issue from spring through fall. So starting with furniture that is designed to be outdoors is important. Look for materials that are sealed and treated, or meant to age naturally with weather, like teak. For upholstered pieces, finding outdoor-appropriate fabric and materials is crucial to avoid mold, mildew, and fading. Luckily, there are a plethora of options for truly lovely outdoor furniture and fabrics that come in a wide assortment of colors and patterns, so your options are nearly endless.


Choose a Style that Matches your Tastes

The next big thing to consider is style, and how you want your furniture to work with the style of your home and patio. Consider the materials used in the home construction and outdoor kitchen design, and complement those with the choices you make in furnishings.

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Traditional Designs

With a brick or stone home in more traditional styles, and a patio material that has warm hues, such as Unilock Umbriano Autumn Sunset or Summer Wheat or Town Hall pavers in Burgundy Red, you have several options to enhance the more neutral palette. Rich browns and natural-looking materials complement this style well. Consider, for example, chairs with a wicker-style woven surface, brown or black wood tables, or black cast iron. To keep it feeling traditional with a contemporary flavor, consider tables with legs that present straight and smooth lines and simple black iron scrollwork in lighter furniture like bar stools. Décor items such as pillows and table accessories in bright colors help liven up the darker materials, and allow you to even further customize an outdoor theme.


Rustic and Naturalistic Designs

A built-in kitchen that has materials with an aged, natural rock look, such as Estate Wall from Unilock, gives a home a more rustic feeling, and furniture should complement that. Heavier, dark wood furniture, and rough-hewn pieces like a plank wood table, work well in this setting. Iron and other heavy metals in décor accents will also tie into a more rustic design as well. Soften the weightier elements with cushions in warm, rusty colors and splashes of green to keep a link to the surrounding landscape.


Seating Options

A variety of seating options is another thing to plan for in your outdoor kitchen. In addition to standard height dining chairs that complement your table, think about other ways guests might gather and mingle during events. Tall stools along the kitchen bar encourage people to hang out with the chef during prep time, and more lounge-style chairs and smaller groupings around fireplaces or fire pits adjacent to the kitchen area allow smaller gatherings of intimate conversation to occur even during large events.


Including Shade Features

If your kitchen area is going to be used throughout the day and there is a lot of direct sunlight, consider furniture that incorporates umbrellas or sunshades. Most dining tables meant for outdoor use include openings to inset umbrellas. There are umbrella designs in a variety of materials, including wood and metal, as well as numerous fabric options.

The title image features an Umbriano patio with Town Hall inlays.


Style your Outdoor Kitchen with the Proper Furniture in Toms River, NJ