Stunning Retaining Wall Materials for your Syracuse, NY Landscape


Retaining walls have transcended their purely functional roles as barriers that prevent soil erosion and neaten slopes. An endless array of design techniques and materials are now available with which to create a customized hardscape feature that serves to echo the aesthetic of your Syracuse, NY hardscape and complement your softscape. Consider using the following stylish Unilock products to create eye-catching retaining walls.


Rivercrest Wall

Unilock’s Rivercrest Wall bears the same classic appearance of stacked flagstone that has been used to construct retaining walls, and other structures, for centuries. However, it also bears the unbeatable durability of concrete, making a Rivercrest retaining wall much stronger than its natural appearance might lead you to believe. Pairing its rugged textures with sleek, modern accent pavers can result in an interesting mixture of irregular and smooth textures. Utilizing Rivercrest Wall to add dashes of rustic warmth to a contemporary outdoor room can also create a striking combination of aesthetic themes. This is just one example of the versatility of Unilock’s Rivercrest Wall and its ability to complement a wide variety of architectural styles.


Lineo Dimensional Stone

Unilock pays just as much attention to the visual appeal of their products as they do their strong foundations. Lineo Dimensional Stone is a versatile material that complements almost any paver choice and adds a sleek, contemporary touch to many outdoor rooms with its linear, plank-like appearance. Its smooth surface bears subtle color variations and comes in a range of warm and cool shades. These unique surfaces are made possible by Unilock’s ColorFusion technology, which also allows surfaces to mimic the appearance of natural granite. Lineo Dimensional Stone is a trusted retaining wall product and is guaranteed to withstand fading, as well as many other effects of wear and tear. Natural stone or Ledgestone coping by Unilock can soften the square aesthetic brought about by these sharp, geometric pavers and further serve to add interest to your outdoor spaces.


Estate Wall

Unilock’s Estate Wall bears all the character of natural ledge rock and can add a touch of luxury to any landscape – all while retaining the affordability of concrete pavers. Its uniquely antiqued finish mimics the texture and appearance of aged, natural rock and pairs well with shiny chrome components, combining different aesthetic themes for a creative design. These textured pavers can also be used to create a band of stone that runs the length of the retaining wall as an intriguing accent. Using the same banding for all vertical elements, and co-ordinating this with the borders that outline different spaces, can help in tying all these elements together and creating a visual flow throughout your hardscape. This rustic stone can also be installed alongside vibrant plant life, reflecting the soft shapes and tones of nature in its weathered texture. Unilock’s Estate Wall comes in units of multiple lengths which can be combined to create virtually any retaining wall or pillar. Short pillars are both beautiful and functional as accents to retaining walls, providing space for the placement of ornate planters and light fixtures.


The title image features a retaining wall constructed from Rivercrest Wall with the surrounding hardscape paved with Unilock’s Umbriano.


Stunning Retaining Wall Materials for your Syracuse, NY, Landscape