Stone Pavers in Bergen County, NJ


Natural stone is renowned for its versatility, limitless aesthetic potential and unique flair. The rich, diverse architectural history showcased by the communities of Bergen County creates the perfect background for the character of stone pavers. Utilize the following design ideas to add the reliable yet unparalleled beauty of natural stone to your backyard design.


Selecting stone that complements the home

Unilock’s natural stone pavers are precision cut into a myriad of shapes and sizes, their surfaces enhanced by a variety of treatments. This helps to ensure that you are provided with the perfect paver for your patio design, regardless of its aesthetic theme. A modern home pairs perfectly with large stone pavers separated by clean, straight lines. Their geometric arrangement serves to further extend the contemporary image of both the home and hardscape, visually tying them together. Traditional architecture, on the other hand, can be echoed with a more rustic patio. Smaller stone pavers with weathered surface textures appear timeworn and match historic features within the adjacent home.


Creating a magnificent driveway

Opting for a stone driveway, rather than gravel or asphalt, can boost your curb appeal and instantly set your house apart from the rest. Unilock’s range of dark limestone slabs are perfect candidates for a sophisticated driveway flanked by elegant well lights. Although concrete pavers are known to be durable alternatives to natural stone, Unilock’s stone pavers are imbued with excellent flexural strength to combat the weight of vehicular traffic. They are also equipped with excellent freeze-thaw durability and low water absorption to ensure that your driveway or patio remains unaffected by the winter.


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Paving your tropical poolside

Add a natural, tropical touch to your pool by framing its curved edges with organic natural stone. Unilock’s Autumn Harvest or Indian Coast sandstone variations should add the perfect beachy undertones to your poolside, while reflecting the summer heat to maintain a perfect temperature for bare feet. Its textured finish also creates a non-slip surface and mimics the pleasant grain of sea sand. A hot tub veneered with natural stone can also add to the serene atmosphere of your poolside.


Building pillars and walls that echo your patio floor

A beautiful patio floor can be enhanced by vertical elements of complementing aesthetic. Unilock offers a wide variety of concrete materials for the construction of low walls, steps and pillars that are able to endure both extreme loads and harsh weather conditions. Unilock’s Roman Wall, for example, showcases a weathered surface texture that grants it a natural and timeworn appearance while Rivercrest Wall has the appearance and character of stacked flagstone. Pillars and retaining walls can be topped with Ledgestone coping, which is pleasantly smooth for guests to sit on, while its rugged edges give it a remarkably natural appearance.


Merging natural stone and the natural landscape

The various textures and organic color gradients within natural stone pair well with plant life. An expanse of neutral colored natural stone, such as Unilock’s Hearthstone limestone, allows the rich greens and browns of the surrounding plants to stand out. This shade is also compatible with dark mulch beds, creating a striking, elegant contrast. Natural stone with warm, sandy undertones is often used to complement lush, sprawling lawns.


Stone Pavers in Bergen County, NJ