Small vs. Large Walkway Pavers in Saratoga, NY

Small vs. Large Walkway Pavers in Saratoga, NY

The title image features Umbriano pavers.


Choosing the right walkway pavers can completely transform the experience of walking to your front door. Here are the design considerations of small vs. large walkway pavers in Saratoga, NY.


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Small Pavers

It’s not necessarily the case that using small things in small spaces will make a space feel larger. While it’s true that pavers such as Mattoni from Unilock are small, their slender proportions won’t make a walkway feel uncomfortably tight. The secret is in the laying patterns. If your walkway is narrow, choose a herringbone laying pattern that guides the eye in a zigzag pattern without drawing attention to the width of the walkway. Many rectangular pavers can be laid in a basketweave pattern for amazing texture and a more substantial feeling that’s particularly welcome on smaller walkways.


Or you could look into highlighting the small size of pavers to create texture and visual interest. A charming Unilock Courtstone cobblestone walkway adds old-world charm, and you can completely transform the look by choosing either complementary or contrasting jointing compound: A lighter jointing compound will create more texture, and a complementary or darker jointing compound will result in a more subtle texture. 


Lessen the impact of a very wide walkway with borders. For example, Unilock Brussels Block with a Copthorne border visually narrows the walkway (“walk between the lines”) while adding character.


Large Pavers

Larger pieces can enhance the individual character of each stone. This is particularly evident in Unilock Natural Stone, which is available in Sandstone or Limestone. These large-format materials transform a walkway from ordinary into a work of art thanks to the uniqueness of each stone.  


Large format pavers can also create a more solid-looking surface, especially in combination with a complementary-colored jointing compound. Make small walkways appear larger by laying pavers at a 45 degree angle in the direction of travel. The “arrows” draw the eye in the direction of travel and create an optical illusion of width. 


On a large walkway, large or oversized pavers can give the space a sophisticated look that smaller pavers can’t match. Align large pavers side by side for a more linear look that draws the eye forward and minimizes the walkway’s width.


A Little of Both?

A modern trend is to mix paver sizes and shapes for a random and relaxed look. This approach gives you the option of highlighting the textures and individual characteristics of certain pavers while creating visual interest. Richcliff pavers, for example, are available in a random bundle that includes large rectangles, medium squares, and small rectangles for design versatility. 


The Final Secret: Color

The secret to a great walkway lies not so much in the size of pavers but in the laying patterns, borders, orientation, and in the colors you choose. Light colors contribute to a sense of spaciousness, while dark colors make a space feel smaller. If you love large-format pavers but you’re concerned that they will be visually overwhelming, choose neutral mid-tone or darker pavers that helps the walkway blend into its surroundings. Or, if you love the look of brick but feel that the darker tones will feel too small, opt for lighter tan colors.


Get inspired with the free Unilock Design Idea Catalog or talk to your local Unilock Authorized Contractor for wonderful walkway ideas that will bring elegance and welcome to your front entry.


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