Selecting Materials for Poolside Outdoor Kitchens in Cold Spring, NY

Selecting Materials for Poolside Outdoor Kitchens in Cold Spring, NY


An outdoor kitchen is key to hosting show-stopping barbecues and dinner parties in Cold Spring, NY. However, it’s important that it looks the part and meets your functional expectations, too. The vast range of concrete pavers available from Unilock makes selecting pavers for your outdoor kitchen fun and exciting. Unilock concrete pavers are also renowned for their strength and durability in the face of harsh weather conditions and heavy loads. Here are a few concrete pavers from Unilock that are not only stunning, but will also leave you with a kitchen that remains in good shape year after year:


Brussels Block pavers

Brussels Block pavers are excellent candidates for poolside kitchens because they offer non-slip qualities that will come in handy after the kids have made a few cannonballs into the pool. They are definitely safer to use than smooth tiles, as your outdoor kitchen will not only be vulnerable to pool water, but will also see its fair share of accidental spills and messes. With this in mind, Unilock also offers various non-slip options with a smoother, honed finish, such as Umbriano pavers. Conversely, Brussels Block pavers have an antiqued appearance that pairs beautifully with the smooth finish of chrome appliances. Match Brussels Block pavers with Series or Umbriano accents and Brussels Dimensional System verticals. This match made in heaven is not only contrasting and interesting, but is also distinctly elegant.

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Richcliff pavers

Richcliff pavers should be considered by homeowners who desire a relaxed, natural look and feel for their outdoor kitchen. These pavers bear the timeless elegance of natural stone with the underlying durability of hi-tech concrete. In addition to matching the inherent strength of regular concrete, these pavers are reinforced with Ultima Concrete Technology, making them even more reliable in areas of high foot traffic and heavy loads. Richcliff pavers achieve such a convincing impression of natural stone thanks to the innovative and detail-oriented, Reala Surface Technology manufacturing process.


Copthorne pavers

These pavers are excellent candidates for warm, inviting poolside outdoor kitchens. A snug rustic kitchen covered by a wooden pergola and shrouded by greenery would pair perfectly with a Copthorne surface. These small brick-like pavers can be arranged in a variety of interesting patterns, such as chevron and herringbone, that may enhance the whimsical and romantic undertones of a hardscape design. These pavers are available in a range of rich, earthy tones that complement both deep and vibrant shades of greenery. The soft glow from romantic lighting and the dancing flames from a fire pit will reflect beautifully off their irregular edges.


Thornbury pavers

Thornbury pavers merge form and function to offer both stunning surfaces and unwavering reliability. These modest pavers are the spitting image of flagstone and are available in four beautiful shades to suit any outdoor kitchen design. Imbued with Enduracolor Facemix Technology, these pavers are highly resistant to fading and will ensure that your outdoor kitchen looks rich and vibrant regardless of UV exposure or the passing of time. Thornbury pavers are also designed to facilitate permeable installation. This means that any accumulating rainwater, pool water or melted snow will be able to permeate through the paved surface and return to the underlying ecosystem. This optimizes the drainage of your property and prevents any accumulating water from damaging your landscape.

The title image features a poolside outdoor kitchen with Brussels Block pavers, Series accents and Brussels Dimensional System verticals.


Selecting Materials for Poolside Outdoor Kitchens in Cold Spring, NY