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Retaining Walls Cleveland OH

Retaining Walls Cleveland OH

Retaining Walls – How to Choose the Best Product for Your Cleveland, OH, Area Home

Retaining walls are a functional yet gorgeous landscaping addition for your Cleveland, Ohio, area home. Not only do they help keep soil and other landscaping in place, but they also offer a unique aesthetic that can perfectly complement your home’s exterior. And, since retaining walls are generally available in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and colors, you’ll be able to completely customize your wall to suit your needs and tastes.

Some things to consider when choosing retaining wall products to install on your property include:

  • Durability – The weather in Ohio can be harsh, so look for retaining walls that have the ability to withstand freeze/thaw conditions and extreme temperature changes
  • Strength – A primary job of a retaining wall is to act as a weight-bearing structure, so make sure that the product you choose has the strength to hold up your slopes or contain your garden beds without crumbling under the pressure.
  • Flexibility – Not all retaining walls are created equally. Look for wall systems that offer design versatility so you can create the types of walls you need, whether they be straight, curved, tall, or short.

If you’re interested in having retaining walls installed on your Cleveland, OH, property, you want to ensure that you install a product that will last the life of your home, so that your investment is worthwhile. That’s why you should turn to Unilock. Our retaining walls are both durable and beautiful, and are cast from molds to look like weathered rock, natural stone, and flagstone, giving them the exquisite beauty of these materials but with the affordability of concrete. What’s more, all of our wall systems are backed by our transferrable lifetime guarantee, so your investment is protected for years to come.

To learn more about the many features and benefits of our retaining walls, or to have a Unilock Authorized Contractor come to your Cleveland, OH, home for a free, no-obligation estimate, contact Unilock today.