Retaining Wall and Fire Pit Combinations for an Enchanting Erie, NY, Landscape Design


Natural stone is ideal for enhancing the beauty of your Erie, NY, property. But the cost of natural stone keeps many homeowners on the fence, resulting in a search for other alternatives. Fortunately, the alternatives offered by Unilock offer unsurpassable strength and durability in addition to a natural aesthetic and resistance to fading and weathering. With quality wall blocks, you can enjoy the look of natural stone minus the price. Build your retaining wall and add a stylish fire pit to your landscape without spending a fortune.


Effortless Elegance

Retaining walls are a useful asset to your landscape. They serve as protection, hold back unstable soil, and create free space for plants, patios or architectural elements. Retaining walls add structure and strength to your landscape and are aesthetically pleasing too. On the other hand, fire pits are the ideal focal point and one of the most requested outdoor elements from homeowners because of the ambience and movement they bring to a patio area. When these two elements are placed in conjunction with one another, it is important to aim for both beauty and quality.

Estate Wall is a popular wall unit, ideal for recreating the look of aged, natural rock. This wall unit is flexible and can be used for building any type of retaining wall, giving the space a natural, classic appearance. Another big advantage of Estate Wall is the wide range of shades in which it is available. These colors are sure to match both traditional and contemporary style landscapes. A retaining wall built using Estate Wall can be complemented with a fire pit in the same style, accentuated with the round edges of Brussels Fullnose coping.

If you’re looking for the high detail appeal of stacked flagstone, consider Rivercrest Wall. This block reflects the authentic look of flagstone at an affordable price and durable design. This wall unit will capture your visitors’ attention because of its natural look, stylish appearance, and charm. It is available in two shades, Coastal Slate and Buff, and is famous for its durability. To match the retaining wall and add instant appeal to your outdoor space, install the pre-built, Rivercrest Firepit Kit. Add a nice finish with Estate Wall coping.

The title image features a Beacon Hill Flagstone patio with a Rivercrest Firepit Kit and seating wall built from Rivercrest Wall with Series 3000 accents.


Natural Look

Brussels Dimensional Stone is a highly adaptable unit that gives a weathered, antique appearance. Available in different shades, this wall unit incorporates a set of earthy colors that tend to give a welcoming touch, as well as darker shades that are perfect for making a statement and achieving a dramatic look. Brussels Dimensional Stone can be used as a material for a contemporary fire pit design when combined with Ledgestone coping. This universal coping system is known for its rugged surface and remarkably natural appearance. Using an accent paver will accentuate the shape and beauty of the fire pit. If you like the idea of pre-built fire pits, the Sunset Firepit Kit also uses Brussels Dimensional Stone. The fire pit is available in five colors in both square and round styles.


Modern Appearance

When it comes to achieving a contemporary look, Lineo Dimensional Stone has the necessary characteristics. This wall unit is ideal for walls and vertical elements because of its sleek lines and exceptional flexibility. Lineo Dimensional Stone is available in four different shades that can be combined to achieve the ultimate modern look. Granite Blend is ideal for a retaining wall whose borders can be enhanced with the shade Midnight Charcoal.


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Retaining Wall and Fire Pit Combinations for an Enchanting Erie, NY, Landscape Design