Qualities to Look for in the Products Used to Construct Outdoor Kitchens in Fruitland, MD

Qualities to Look for in the Products Used to Construct Outdoor Kitchens in Fruitland, MD
The title image features Artline pavers and Lineo Dimensional Stone fire table and grill island.


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Taking the time to plan your outdoor kitchen will help avoid disappointment with the finished product. Planning for the right materials is just as important as considering the overall layout and traffic flows. Here are the qualities to look for in the materials used to construct outdoor kitchens in Fruitland, MD.


Walls: Beauty and Style

The facade helps tie the outdoor kitchen in with the rest of the hardscape, while showcasing the outdoor kitchen’s personality. The wall materials must be durable and easy to clean. Manufactured stone or concrete wall units from Unilock offer superior stain resistance, as well as a multitude of styles to suit any decor.


Whether you love the rustic stacked-flagstone look of Rivercrest Wall, the modernist vibe of Lineo Dimensional Stone, the weathered charm of the Brussels Dimensional System, or the proven versatility of the U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System, you will find a wall system that fits in with your design aesthetic and ticks all the boxes for easy maintenance, durability, colorfastness, and strength.


While you’re looking over materials, consider having a seating wall installed adjacent to the outdoor kitchen/dining area, to provide additional seating for parties and give a sense of definition.


Flooring: Easy to Clean and Durable

Outdoor kitchen flooring has to hold up to heavy traffic and kitchen mistakes. Here, the primary focus is durability and easy-clean surfaces. Unilock offers pavers infused with its patented EasyClean technology. This means no additional sealing is necessary. EasyClean sealant makes cleanup a breeze, and helps reduce wear and tear on the pavers from weather and traffic. 


Achieve a dramatic look with show-stopping Senzo pavers. These rectangular pavers are available in three colors with varying shades for added dimension and interest.


Another contemporary paver infused with EasyClean Technology is the Umbriano line, a realistic granite-look paver available in six colors to complement any decor. These pavers come in a variety of sizes and shapes for endless laying options.


For a more relaxed and/or rustic look, you can’t go wrong with Bristol Valley pavers. The earthy tones lend a warm and inviting atmosphere, the large format size options help a small outdoor kitchen feel larger, and the realistic flagstone texture adds interest. Best of all, these pavers also feature EasyClean technology for easy cleanup and durability.


Work Surfaces: Easy to Clean and Durable

Granite (which pairs well with Umbriano pavers), poured concrete (which pairs well with the U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System), and stainless steel are often the top choices for beauty, ease of maintenance, and durability. Due to the demands of outdoor cooking, granite and concrete must be sealed periodically, and stainless steel countertops can produce uncomfortable glare as sunlight reflects off the surface. 


Appliances and Storage: Easy to Clean and Weather-Resistant

Outdoor appliances and cabinetry must withstand all weather conditions and heavy use. Stainless steel is a top choice for appliances and cabinetry is also available. Not only is it durable, stainless steel gives your outdoor kitchen a professional-kitchen look.


Fire Features: Warmth and Ambience

Nothing could make your outdoor kitchen more homey than perhaps an outdoor fireplace, fire pit, or fire table. Use the same masonry wall materials to finish the look of your landscape’s cooking/entertaining area. 


Shade: Comfort

If you like to grill in the afternoon when the sun is hottest, consider installing a pergola over your cooking space. A pergola lets smoke and heat escape through the open roof, while offering protection from the sun.


For inspiration, check out the Unilock project ideas video. And be sure to use only a Unilock Authorized Contractor for superior quality installation for an outdoor kitchen you’ll enjoy for many years to come.


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Qualities to Look for in the Products Used to Construct Outdoor Kitchens in Fruitland, MD