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This week's inspiring project


2017 Best in Show Project Winner!

This 5,500 square foot driveway was designed in response to the homeowners’ desire for an impressive entrance that would add curb appeal to their beautiful home. Instead of using one paver throughout, Ramos Masonry created this driveway using multiple pavers to add layers of visual interest and create distinct “zones” in this very large scale design.

Entering the driveway from the street, the beauty of Tribeca Cobble (Crystaline Basalt/Peppered Granite) is striking. From here we pass over a swath of Courtstone (Belgian Blue) which delineates a transition to the courtyard area, covered entirely in Thornbury (Bavarian). Areas in front of the garage doors are also Thornbury, with Courtstone again indicating a change in purpose. Finally, Transition Pavers (Bavarian) are used to create a welcome landing at the front of the house.

In addition to the driveway, Ramos Masonry also created a 2,200 square foot Unilock Natural Stone (Stone Cliff Grey) pool deck and patio. The homeowners are thrilled with the result of their driveway project and pleased with their choice of Unilock pavers over the traditional asphalt that is popular in their neighborhood. They appreciated that these pavers offered a unique look, color palette and better performance over time.

This project has been recognized as the 2017 Best in Show project winner for its unique design, excellent workmanship and creative use of Unilock paver products!

Contractor: Ramos Masonry

Location: Johnston, RI

Products: Tribeca Cobble (Crystaline Basalt/Peppered Granite), Courtstone (Belgian Blue), Thornbury (Bavarian) and Transition Pavers (Bavarian). Natural Stone pool deck.

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