What Size Swimming Pool Patio Do You Need?

Shown here: Outdoor Living at its best! Patio and Pool featuring Umbriano Pavers

Before installing a swimming pool patio, you’ll need a comprehensive design plan. Much of the project will hinge on the size patio that you need for the enjoyment of your property. Remember that most of the time spent using your pool area will include lounging, entertaining, and frolicking on the patio itself rather than the pool. Avoid experiencing regret, as many homeowners do, wishing that they had foreseen the need for a larger swimming pool patio area. Give the issue considerable thought and with the knowledge and support of your Unilock Authorized Contractor, be sure that the size you choose for your swimming pool patio is ideal for your family’s property size and lifestyle.

Shown here: This Umbriano pool deck features a Copthorne border and enough square footage to entertain regularly

Begin with Function

Start the process of deciding the size swimming pool patio needed by considering its intended use. Does your lifestyle include grand entertainment or will the pool be enjoyed by only a few family members? Don’t limit your design by only leaving room for a family of four when you intend to host tens of guests on a regular basis. In addition, you’ll want to consider the patio furniture you plan on using. The size of your pieces, the quantity, and your plans for arrangement will all play a role in determining the size requirements for your project. Knowing that a chaise lounge requires a space of 4’x7’ and that at least 30” of patio space should separate any furniture from the pool’s edge will be important to the design’s success. Only once you know how your space will be used can you consider other style and design details.

Shown here: This Brussels Block pool deck features a nearby outdoor kitchen and bar area

Make Room for Features

Once you know whether you’d like your space to be a hosting area or a decompression space for the immediate family, consider the patio’s design. For example, having the patio surround the pool on all sides isn’t a necessity, but you will want to consider whether the placement of the pool itself even allows for it. Include space for any focal points that you plan to include in the design, such as fire pits, water features, and even outdoor kitchen spaces. As with many elements of design, different aspects will overlap and influence one another, so projects shouldn’t begin until thought through comprehensively.

Shown here: Denoting separate outdoor rooms within your design makes for more efficient use of space. Pool deck and patio featuring Unilock Beacon Hill Flagstone Paver.

Separated Spaces

Spaces in the swimming pool patio area should be separated visually, as well as physically. With pavers like Unilock Umbriano, a simple adjustment in color and/or sizes used can create a distinct walkway in your patio. Adjusting the style of paver from Umbriano to Richcliff pavers within seating and conversation areas will direct traffic flow and demonstrate clearly to guests and family how the patio space should be used. Moreover, your planning will definitely include enough space because you will have considered the need for walking paths within the area. Every traffic area should be 5’ wide for safety and comfort. Consider the outdoor space as you would a room indoors. Conversation, movement, and behavior will remain the same so designing this space with those experiences in mind is a highly effective way to meet all size requirements. For example, the amount of living space required to comfortably entertain in the way you do habitually is the minimum amount needed for your outdoor living space as well.

Shown here: Swimming pools tend to attract a lot of fun toys and accessories. Be sure to include adequate space for their easy storage.

Storage Areas

Every piece of the plethora of your pool-related pieces should have a home; otherwise, they’ll clutter up your patio area, taking up valuable space that should be left for relaxing and entertaining guests. Whether you choose a storage cabinet, storage benches, or another creative solution, do not forget this key element in your design.

Trust a Unilock Authorized Contractor to deliver a project that stands the test of time.

The Value of an Expert

A Unilock Authorized Contractor has experience and expertise in designing and implementing these designs to create masterful pool spaces. Moreover, these professionals are evaluated and supported by Unilock, a company that stands by our reputation and values the satisfaction of our customers. When you choose to utilize the service of these professionals, you enhance the likelihood of years upon years of satisfaction with your pool patio.

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