A perfect match: Heated Driveways featuring Unilock Concrete Pavers

A heated driveway system can be the perfect solution for ice and snow pileup prevention. These systems form a heat radiating mesh beneath the driveway covering that can be activated automatically or at the flip of a switch when snow falls or ice begins to form. These systems are often laid beneath asphalt or poured concrete driveways. Unilock pavers, however, provide a more durable, aesthetically pleasing alternative compatible with subsurface heating grids. The versatility of Unilock pavers also allows for these heating systems to extend to your front steps and walkways, providing both style and warmth.

Shown here: Promenade Plank Paver in Steel Grey Blend and Granite Blend with Il Campo finish.

Perfect relative thickness

Because of their high flexural strength, Unilock concrete pavers need not be as thick as other products. Natural stone in particular requires far more bulk in order to achieve the strength necessary to support heavy vehicle weights. With most Unilock pavers falling between the range of 2.25 and 2.75 inches in depth, you’re ensured consistent radiation from heat generated below the surface and enough strength to support your vehicle.

Shown here: Richcliff pavers in Dawn Mist color

Precision cast for an even surface and reliable interlock

In the installation of heated driveways, electric heat mats or water and antifreeze coils are embedded into the bedding sand layer underneath the finished paver. The precision cast edges of Unilock’s pavers ensure that despite the underlying mesh, the pavers form a solid surface and fit flush together in a variety of strengthening laying patterns. The result is an even and reliable surface that shows no sign of an underlying system. Take, for example, the neat lock and randomized laying pattern of this Richcliff driveway in the Dawn Mist color option.

Shown here: Town Hall paver in 3 Color Blend.

Dry Installation for easy repairs

Unlike poured or stamped concrete and asphalt driveways, Unilock concrete pavers can be installed using a dry installation method that allows repairs to be performed on the underlying heating system with minimal disturbance to the driveway surface. Pavers can simply be lifted and replaced as needed. Unlike other options, repairs and adjustments are invisible – once adjustments have been made to the heating system, your driveway will once again form a seamless surface.

Shown here: Eco-line paver

Permeable pavers

The advantage of permeable pavers extends to any time of the year that experiences a buildup of precipitation. With a heated driveway, permeable pavers can ensure that the water released in the melting of snow has somewhere to go, namely back into natural ground water reserves. This guarantees that the runoff doesn’t end up on unheated parts of your hardscaping or in the street where it can form dangerous patches of ice. Here, a permeable Eco-Line paver with an EnduraColor finish has been used to eliminate pooling, reduce runoff, and maintain a safe and attractive driveway surface.

Shown here: Courtstone in Basalt color with Brussels Block border in Sandstone.

Deep colors for retaining heat

The range of deep and richly colored pavers offered by Unilock help to retain heat in order to prolong the effects of a subsurface heating system and allow heat to penetrate the driveway surface quickly. Consider a Courtstone driveway paved in the Basalt color variation for maximum heat retention with a Brussels Block border in Sandstone for contrast (as pictured.)

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