Beacon Hill™ Smooth

Product: Beacon Hill Smooth Color: Opal
Product: Beacon Hill Smooth Color: Opal
Product: Beacon Hill Smooth Color: Granite Fusion
Product: Beacon Hill Smooth Color: Granite Fusion
Product: Beacon Hill Smooth Color: Granite Fusion
Product: Beacon Hill Smooth Color: Granite Fusion
The popularity of Beacon Hill Flagstone sizes inspired the creation of Beacon Hill Smooth. Offered in the same random bundle sizes and a larger, XL rectangle unit, this version of Beacon Hill offers a smooth surface texture for a sleek, modern look. Beacon Hill Smooth also offers a more contemporary color palette, including monochromatic color choices. Ideal for patios, pool surrounds and walkways, Beacon Hill Smooth offers the refined surface and long lasting color of Enduracolor.




New for 2019

Steel Grey

Steel Grey

New for 2019

Shapes & Sizes

XL Unit

88 cm x 53 cm x 6 cm

34.625" x 20.875" x 2.375"

Sold Separately

Random Bundle

Large Rectangle

54 cm x 36 cm x 6 cm

21.25" x 14.125" x 2.375"

Small Rectangle

36 cm x 18 cm x 6 cm

14.125" x 7.125" x 2.375"


36 cm x 36 cm x 6 cm

14.125" x 14.125" x 2.375"


EnduraColor™ Facemix Technology
EnduraColor products are manufactured in a two-step process which combines a base of coarser aggregates for a stronger foundation, with concentrated color and wear-resistant finer aggregates on top. EnduraColor products are highly resistant to fading because the top layer prevents large, lighter color aggregates from showing through.
Surface Texture
Smooth - Zero Bevel


Unit SqFt Per Per Bundle Soldier LnFt Per Sailor LnFt Per Units Per Lbs Per
Stones & Bundling Thickness Bundle Layer Section Stone Layers Sections SqFt Section Bundle SqFt Section Bundle SqFt Section Bundle Layers Section Bundle
Random Bundle 6cm 93.62 9 9 72 281 2530
Large Rectangle 2 3/8" (6cm) 18
Small Rectangle 2 3/8" (6cm) 27
Square 2 3/8" (6cm) 27
XL Unit 2 3/8" (6cm) 9 18 2584

Sold in full bundles only on a refundable skid. 6cm product is not intended for vehicular applications - where available, 8cm product is approved for vehicular use. Important: Textured surfaces require a buffer between the plate compactor and the paver surface to prevent scuffing. All measurements are nominal.


Beacon Hill A 6cm

Random Bundle 6cm (100%)


Pattern Sheet (.pdf)

.PAT (Imperial)

.PAT (Metric)

Beacon Hill B 6cm

Random Bundle 6cm (100%)


Pattern Sheet (.pdf)

.PAT (Imperial)

.PAT (Metric)

Important Information

 The large unit sizes and the pleasant colors of Beacon Hill make it a fabulous patio or pool deck paver. The subtle flagstone impression provides for a striking visual day or night.

Base Requirement & Bedding Course – standard paver base specification.

Handling and Installation– A protective pad is required when doing the final paver compaction. Both herringbone, random and linear patterns are common.

Jointing Material and Joint Stabilization

  • Good: ordinary dry joint sand
    • Best:   Any Polymeric Sand or ordinary dry joint sand stabilized by a water-based or solvent-based joint sand stabilizer sealer. (Joints should be flooded but the paver surface must be squeegeed and/or blown clean).
    • Special Note: Gator Maxx Polymeric Sand (overlays)


  • Product may be sealed but it is not absolutely required.
  • Unilock Unicare® Surebond, BP Pro and Techniseal® sealers can be used.
  • Select type for desired aesthetics.
  • Product must be cleaned before sealing.


Cleaners – Any paver cleaner may be used for color restoration or general cleaning. Follow manufacturer’s dilution rates and application procedures.

Special note - To avoid issues with height variance, do not use as a direct overlay on concrete.

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